1638 Bate Fire Alarm System – Smoke Containment Repairs Code: 41836 / Item: 324 SCO ID #: 19-21145-01A AIM-CP-1638

by November 3, 2020

N O T I C E   TO   B I D D E R S

Sealed proposals will be received by the East Carolina University Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services in Greenville, NC, Main Conference Room, 1001 East Fourth Street, Greenville, North Carolina 27858 up to 2:00 pm Thursday, December 10th, 2020 and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment entering into the construction of:

CODE:  41836 / ITEM:  324
SCO ID #:  19-21145-01A

In response to the COVID19 emergency, public access to the bid opening will be held remotely.  Access for the remote bid opening will be discussed at the Pre-Bid Meeting and the remote meeting login information will be provided in an addendum.

The project consists of repairing the building’s smoke containment system.  This will include replacing the existing fire alarm system with a new addressable system and replacing the existing pneumatically actuated smoke containment dampers with new electrically actuated smoke containment dampers.

Bids will be received for Contract type – Single Prime.  All proposals shall be lump sum.

Pre-Bid Meeting

An open pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders on Monday November 16th, 2020 at 9:10 am, East Carolina University’s Facilities Administration Office at 1001 East Fourth Street, Greenville, NC.  The meeting will address project specific questions, issues, bidding procedures and bid forms and will include a site visit to the project site.  An additional site visit has been scheduled for Wednesday November 18th, 2020 at 9:00 am for all interested bidders wishing to attend.

Preferred Brand Alternates Meeting

A meeting to identify preferred brand alternates and their performance standards that the owner will consider for approval on this project will be held for all interested bidders on Monday November 16th, 2020 at  9:00 am, East Carolina University’s Facilities Administration Office at 1001 East Fourth Street, Greenville, NC.

In accordance with General Statute GS 133-3, Specifications may list one or more preferred brands as an alternate to the base bid in limited circumstances. Specifications containing a preferred brand alternate under this section must identify the performance standards that support the preference. Performance standards for the preference must be approved in advance by the owner in an open meeting. Any alternate approved by the owner shall be approved only where (i) the preferred alternate will provide cost savings, maintain or improve the functioning of any process or system affected by the preferred item or items, or both, and (ii) a justification identifying these criteria is made available in writing to the public.

In accordance with GS133-3 and SCO procedures the following preferred brand items are being considered as Alternates by the owner for this project:

1.       SimplexGrinnell – Fire Alarm System.

Justification of any approvals will be made available to the public in writing no later than seven (7) days prior to bid date.

Complete plans, specifications and contract documents will be open for inspection in the offices of:

  1. The East Group, PA,
    324 Evans Street,
    Greenville, NC 27828,
    Tel: 252-758-3746.
  1. Dodge Data Analytics (Online),
    www.construction.com .
  1. Carolinas Association of General Contractors
    (Online), www.cagc.org .
  1. Construction Market Data (CMD),
    (A Construct Connect Company),
    (Online) www.cmdgroup.com .
  1. ISqFt, (A Construction Connect Company),
    (Online), www.isqft.com .

and in Minority Plan Rooms in

1. East Coast Digital (EDU) Plan Room,
Minority Plan Room Provider,
Greenville, NC.
Tel: 252-758-1616,
[email protected] .

2. Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas
Tel: 704-583-4184,
[email protected],
www.thehcac.org .

or may be obtained by those qualified as prime bidders, upon deposit of One Hundred dollars ($ 100.00) in cash or certified check. The full plan deposit will be returned to those bidders provided all documents are returned in good, usable condition within ten (10) days after the bid date.

The bidder shall include with the bid proposal the form Identification of Minority Business Participation identifying the minority business participation it will use on the project and shall include either Affidavit A or Affidavit B as applicable.  Forms and instructions are included within the Proposal Form in the bid documents.  Failure to complete these forms is grounds for rejection of the bid.  (GS143-128.2c Effective 1/1/2002.)

All contractors are hereby notified that they must have proper license as required under the state laws governing their respective trades.

General contractors are notified that Chapter 87, Article 1, General Statutes of North Carolina, will be observed in receiving and awarding general contracts. General contractors submitting bids on this project must have license classification for Unlimited Construction.

SINGLE PRIME CONTRACTS:  Under GS 87-1, a contractor that superintends or manages construction of any building, highway, public utility, grading, structure or improvement shall be deemed a “general contractor” and shall be so licensed.  Therefore, a single prime project that involves other trades will require the single prime contractor to hold a proper General Contractors license.  EXCEPT:  On public buildings being bid single prime, where the total value of the general construction does not exceed 25% of the total construction value, contractors under GS87- Arts 2 and 4 (Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical) may bid and contract directly with the Owner as the single prime CONTRACTOR and may subcontract to other properly licensed trades.  GS87-1.1- Rules .0210.

Each proposal shall be accompanied by a cash deposit or a certified check drawn on some bank or trust company, insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, of an amount equal to not less than five percent (5%) of the proposal, or in lieu thereof a bidder may offer a bid bond of five percent (5%) of the bid executed by a surety company licensed under the laws of North Carolina to execute the contract in accordance with the bid bond.  Said deposit shall be retained by the owner as liquidated damages in event of failure of the successful bidder to execute the contract within ten days after the award or to give satisfactory surety as required by law.

A performance bond and a payment bond will be required for one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price.

Payment will be made based on ninety‑five percent (95%) of monthly estimates and final payment made upon completion and acceptance of work.

No bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for the receipt of bids for a period of 30 days.

The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities.

David Meeks, PE
The East Group, PA
324 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-758-3746
Fax: 252-830-3954

State of North Carolina through
East Carolina University
Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services
1001 East Fourth Street
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
Phone: 252-328-6858
Fax: 252-328-4259

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