Parties Interested in Leasing an Aircraft Hangar and Ramp

by January 17, 2019
interested in leasing an
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The Piedmont Triad Airport Authority will receive Statements of Interest from proposed tenants for the Premises described herein.

The subject Premises are currently leased, with a term that concludes August 31, 2019.  Because of interest from multiple parties including the incumbent tenant, the Authority is providing this opportunity for any interested party to compete for this leasehold.  

This represents the first step in a two-step selection process.   In this first step, parties must demonstrate their proposed use, need, and qualifications to operate such a facility.

The Authority will then issue a formal Request for Proposals, including business terms, to parties selected by the Authority in its sole discretion.  Parties MUST submit a Statement of Interest in this initial step to be considered further.

The Premises includes a hangar that was constructed in the 1960’s, and is a metal building, with aircraft parking ramp and adjacent land, served by a common area vehicular parking lot.  Recent improvements to the roof and hangar door motors have been completed.  Extensive improvements were made to the building in 2017 and 2015 respectively. Access is provided via West Market Street, a five (5) lane arterial roadway facility.  Access to Interstate or Interstate-level facilities is within approximately one (1) mile.

The leasehold is on the southwest side of the airport and located adjacent to Taxiway A, a parallel taxiway to Runway 14/32.  The premises are also proximate to the threshold of Runway 5R.

The hangar and its associated leasehold are shown on Exhibit A (please refer to complete Request for Statements of Interest), and include the following:

  • Total Leasehold – 51,605 sf
  • Hangar – 12,885 sf
  • Land – 22,780 sf
  • Ramp – 15,940 sf

Interested parties should submit six (6) copies of their Statements of Interest on or before 11:00 A.M. EST, February 8, 2019 to Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, c/o Mr. Howard Keville, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, 1000A Ted Johnson Parkway, Greensboro, NC 27409.  Statements of Interest received after the above date and time will not be considered.

The complete Request for Statements of Interest will be posted on the Piedmont Triad International Airport website under Airport Operations, which can be found at .

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