Asheville Regional Airport- Terminal Building Modernization Project, Asheville NC

by October 7, 2021


H&M Constructors is requesting bids from DBE, Certified Female Contractors/Suppliers and Certified Minority Contractors/Suppliers for the following project:

1) Asheville Regional Airport- Terminal Building Modernization Project, Asheville NC. 

Bids are due:
October 19 @2:00 pm. 

This project expands and modernizes the existing single story, seven-gate terminal building to a two-story building with a minimum of 12 gates.  The overall size of the structure expanded from approximately 115,000 SF to 275,000 SF.

Plans are available for review on the H&M Constructors FTP Website.  See below for directions on how to access the website.

H&M Constructors encourages bids from certified (HUB/SBE/DBE) contractors. We are willing to divide or combine elements of work into economically feasible units on a case by case basis to facilitate participation and, provided a certified (HUB/SBE/DBE) vendor is low on a contract for construction or for the procurement of goods, negotiate in good faith with them. H&M Constructors has a Quick Pay Agreement program to assist certified (HUB/SBE/BDE) contractors.

Please respond to:
187 Deaverview Road,
Asheville, NC  28806
(828) 254-6141 – Phone;
(828) 254-8696 – Fax (H&M)

FTP Website Directions:

The “Log In” box appears:
Username is:  hmdrawings
Password is:   hmdrawings

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