C-1544 Radio Communications and Mass Notification System,  North Carolina State Ports Authority, Port of Wilmington and Port of Morehead City, NCSPA Contract No. C-1544

by February 16, 2021


Sealed proposals will be received by Mark A. Blake, P.E. of the North Carolina State Ports Authority in Room 100A of the North Carolina Maritime Building, 2202 Burnett Blvd., Wilmington, NC, 28401, Phone No. (910) 251-5674, or electronically in PDF format delivered to ENG.Procurement@ncports.com up until 3:00 pm, Thursday, May 6, 2021, and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment entering into the construction of C-1544 Radio Communications and Mass Notification System,  North Carolina State Ports Authority, Port of Wilmington and Port of Morehead City, NCSPA Contract No. C-1544.

Bids will be received for single prime construction contract.  Bidders should clearly indicate on the outside of the bid envelope or in the subject line of electronic submittal, “Bid Proposal for:  C-1544 Radio Communications and Mass Notification System – Radio Equipment, Port of Wilmington and Port of Morehead City“, their NC General Contractor’s License Number and that the bid is for “Single Prime Bid”.

The project includes furnishing materials, labor and equipment identified in the contract documents to perform all work associated with the design and construction related to the provision of an Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (APCO) Project 25 (P25) radio communications system to support the law enforcement security and public-safety communications across NC Ports properties.  Additionally, provide a private commercial digital two-way radio solution to support NC Ports Operations to efficiently share business critical voice communications. The proposed communications system shall provide enhanced, two-way wireless communications capabilities to the users identified in this Request for Proposal, replacing the existing radio communications system at NC Ports properties.  Further the work shall include training, warranties, cutover from the existing system and removal of the existing radio system as part of this contract.  This work shall be coordinated with the infrastructure civil works (by others) constructing the communications tower and other civil works intended to receive the proposed radio system equipment.

Electronic contract documents may be obtained from the Designer, Dewberry Engineers, Inc, at the e-mail address below.  Place in the subject line “C-1544 Radios Communications and Mass Notification System, Port of Wilmington and Port of Morehead City”.

A pre-proposal meeting will be held the week of March 1 through March 5, 2021.  Qualified proposers will be invited for a private question and answer session with the Owner and Engineer in order to answer proposer questions and clarify the design intent of the proposed radio communications system.  Written questions may be submitted by e-mail no later than April 26, 2021 in order to receive a response to all potential bidders prior to the bid opening.  Contractors shall notify by e-mail, mpayne@dewberry.com their intent to perform a site visit in order to receive instruction for protocols and parking on site.

Contractors shall note that two advertisements are being advertised related to the radio communications project at the North Carolina State Ports Authority.  This contract relates to the radio system design and construction only.  The hardened infrastructure is being advertised under a separate contract.  Contractors may provide proposals for one or both advertisements.

The owner reserves the unqualified right to reject any and all proposals and to waive informalities.

Dewberry Engineers, Inc.
2610 Wycliff Road
Suite 410
Raleigh, NC 27607-3073
Phone (919) 636-6322

North Carolina State Ports Authority
2202 Burnett Boulevard
Wilmington, North Carolina 28402
Phone (910) 763-1621

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