City of Winston Salem – FB#21231 – Concrete Street Replacement project

by April 19, 2021


Sharpe Brothers is actively requesting quotations from HUB Certified MBE/WBE Subcontractors for the City of Winston Salem – FB#21231 – Concrete Street Replacement project with a goal of MBE – 6% and WBE – 4%.  This project includes the complete removal of several concrete streets, drainage improvements, utility improvements and the installation of new asphalt, ABC and curb and gutter.  The scope of work for the project includes: Surveying, Milling, Grading, Patching, Paving, Concrete Pipe/Structure work, striping, hydrant/water line work, seeding/mulching, Curb & Gutter/Concrete work, and Structure Adjustments.   The job start date is June 14, 2021 with a completion date of April 22, 2022.  We are looking for quotes for the following items to subcontract:  Trucking (hourly & by the ton), Milling, Surveying, Curb & Gutter/Concrete work, Structure Adjustments, Thermoplastic Striping and Seeding/Mulching.  Here is a link for the plans and specifications – .  If interested in bidding and want to review the plans/specifications or have any questions, please feel free to call Paul Gilliam at (336) 346-8162 or email ( to set up an appointment.  The project bid date is April 27, 2021.  We request the receipt of quotations by noon April 26, 2021 to fairly evaluate all quotes.  Sharpe Brothers will negotiate fairly with interested M/WBE Firms and will not reject any M/WBE firms as unqualified without sound reason based on a thorough investigation of their capabilities.  M/WBE firms not selected for the work can contact Sharpe Brothers for information why they were not selected.  Sharpe Brothers can provide quick pay agreements and policies to enable minority contractors and suppliers to meet cash flow demands.

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