DG00526 Guilford U.S. 421 Resurfacing project

by May 19, 2021


Sharpe Brothers is actively requesting quotations from NCDOT Certified DBE Subcontractors for the DG00526 Guilford U.S. 421 Resurfacing project with a total project goal of 12.0%. This project is a milling and resurfacing project of US 421. The project consists of milling, milled rumble strips, asphalt surface treatment, patching, resurfacing, traffic control, (Paint/Thermoplastic Striping) and snow plowable markers. The project start date is 7/1/2021 with a completion date of 11/19/2021. All work will be performed at night time between the hours of 8 pm – 6 am. We are looking for quotes for the following items to subcontract: Trucking (hourly & by the ton), Milling, Milled Rumble Strips, Traffic Control, (Paint/Thermoplastic Striping) and Snow Plowable Markers. The plans and specifications are also available on the following links:  

https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/Division%207%20Letting/06-03-2021/DG00526_Plans.pdf .

https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/Division%207%20Letting/06-03-2021/DG00526%20Proposal.pdf .  

The project bid date is June 3, 2021. We request the receipt of quotations by noon June 2, 2021 to fairly evaluate all quotations. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (336-346-8156) or email ([email protected]) .

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