Downtown Greenway Phase 2

by February 7, 2018


Sharpe Brothers is actively requesting quotations from NCDOT Certified DBE Subcontractors for a project for the city of Greensboro.  The project is the downtown Greenway Phase 2.   The project DBE Goals are 10%.  The Project is approx. 1.4 miles of roadway rehab and the installation of a Greenway in downtown Greensboro on South Murrow Blvd and West Fisher Ave.  The project will consist of unclassified, milling, asphalt, stone, erosion control, signage, Concrete Bridge rehab, Storm Drainage, Concrete Curb & Gutter, Driveway Curb & Gutter, Special Concrete Curb Handwork, Guardrail, Utilities, Striping, Concrete Gravity Walls, Landscaping/Tree Planting, seeding, & Traffic control.    The availability date will be Spring of 2018.  The total Days to complete the project is 560 days after the Notice to proceed.  We are looking for quotes for the following items to subcontract Trucking (hourly), Milling, Masonry Drainage, Concrete Bridge, Concrete Stairs, Manhole and Water Valve Adjustments, Guardrail, Striping (Thermo and Paint), Concrete Curb & Gutter, Concrete Sidewalk, Special Concrete Handwork Curb, Silt Fence, Utilities, Landscaping, Tree Planting, Seeding, and Traffic Control.   If you are interested in quoting or obtaining additional information, please contact Rob Stafford at (336-346-8156) or email (rob.[email protected]).

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