For Major Update of Region Q Comprehensive Economic Development. Strategy (CEDS)

by June 30, 2022



The Mid-East Commission Council of Governments is one of 16 multi-county planning and development regions in North Carolina and delivers programs and services to member governments on a local and regional level encompassing Beaufort, Bertie, Hertford, Martin, and Pitt counties. They are also a Lead Regional Organization responsible for administering and coordinating state and federal programs and an Economic Development District as certified by the US Economic Development Administration (EDA). Each Economic Development District is required to have a CEDS to be eligible for Federal funding through EDA.

Background and Purpose of Update
Regions must update their CEDS at least every five years to qualify for EDA assistance under its Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance programs.  This project will be the major five- year update. A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the result of a regionally-owned planning process designed to build capacity and guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of an area or region.   It is a key component in establishing and maintaining a robust economic ecosystem by helping to build regional capacity that contributes to individual, firm, and community success. The CEDS provides a vehicle for individuals, organizations, local governments, institutes of learning, and private industry to engage in a meaningful conversation and debate about what capacity building efforts would best serve economic development in the region.  The CEDS should take into account and integrate or leverage other regional planning efforts, including the use of other available federal funds, private sector resources, and state support which can advance a region’s CEDS goals and objectives.  

Update Objectives:

  1. Facilitate conversations to relate to business recruitment, retention & marketing, physical infrastructure, healthy & safe communities, and small business & workforce development.
  2. Gather meaningful input from Steering Committee members and the general public that will contribute to the development of the CEDS major update, using the existing CEDS as the framework and maintaining a focus on the Mid-East Commission region.

Update Deliverables
The major update of the CEDS will include updates to all sections of the current CEDS. 

Proposed Project Schedule
The project will occur between July 20, 2022 – November 2022.

Format of Proposals:
Submit: Company information (including information of principals); resume(s) or CV(s) of project participants(s), a proposed scope of work, and hourly rate to Director of Planning, Economic Development, and Community Services, Kevin Richards, at [email protected] by July 15, 2022.

A copy of the current CEDS is available on the Mid-East Commission website at: .

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