Multi-Space Parking Meter (“MSM”), Mobile License Plate Recognition (“MLPR”), and Citation Management System (“CMS”)

by April 28, 2021


RFP # MSM-2021-04-07


 at the


 for the


 April 27, 2021

The intent of this addendum is to provide the meeting sign-in sheet and the responses to submitted questions.

  •  Sign-In sheet from mandatory pre-proposal site tour, April 21, 2021. 
  • Answers to submitted questions.

Please sign and return one (1) copy of this addendum cover page with your proposal to confirm receipt and acknowledge the provided information.

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  1. Concerning the Citation Management System; is the DMV Lookup required?
  1. Will Solar and Cellular be required?
    No, 110V A/C power line feed will be provided. Meter is to be battery powered with A/C trickle charger keeping battery charged.
    No, CAT6 cabling is being provided to each unit which will have internet access. Communications are to be through hardwire network.
  1. Who will terminate the A/C?
    Meter Provider (installer) will connect and terminate A/C cabling. Once connected and ready for startup, Owner will connect power in the load center upon scheduled request.
  1. Will there be a staging area provided?
    The Owner is willing to provide a staging area for these devices.
  1. How is current enforcement conducted, and will those transactions need to be imported into the new CMS?
    Current enforcement is “handwritten, carbon-copied” citations. These will not be imported.
  1. Is a Performance and Payment bond required?
    Yes, however the Owner reserves the right to wave this requirement. Please provide a separate line item for this on the proposal price form.
  1. Are EMV readers required for Credit Card Acceptance?
    Yes, but to further clarify, PCI P2PE readers capable of reading chip, mag-stripe, and contactless cards are to be provided. Please provide all options of Gateway Providers your manufacturer is currently integrated with.
  1. Is a bid bond required?
    See #6 above
  1. What system is currently in use by the Airport for Enforcement and Citation Management?
    See #5 above
  1. Do you require any old data to be converted from the old system to the new system selected?
  1. How many Parking Enforcement Officers does the airport have today?
    Two (2)
  1. Do you wish to only use the Mobile LPR system as means for issuing citations or will other officers on foot be utilized to issue citations from the Mobile LPR detected violations?
    Will use both, mobile and on foot.
  1. How many concurrent users will be operating the “back office” citation management software on a daily basis (users logged in at the same time each day)?
    Four (4)
  1. How many citations do you issue on an annual basis (non-covid year)?
  1. What is the average dollar value of each citation?        $15.00 to $35.00
  1. Do you currently utilize a collections agency to collect on delinquent citations?
  1. If not, would you like to start collecting through the selected system?
  1. If so, who is the agency and what does that agency charge?N/A
  1. Could the interface to NLETS be supplied via a 3rd party partner? (DUNCAN LES)
  1. Please specify the requirements surrounding “Allow for automatic scheduling of tasks (e.g., updating customer information from data imports).” To ensure we can cater to your needs.
    Routine tasks should be able to be scheduled
  1. Item 12C identifies a Pennsylvania specific client need, but this customer appears to be in the state of North Carolina. Please confirm the requirement 12C on page 35 of the RFP: “Auto-generate/pre-schedule outstanding citation letters and transfers to Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.”
  1. What percentage of citations issued are paid online?
  1. What is the total number of parking permits purchased for each of the last three years?
  1. What is the total revenue from parking permits purchased for each of the last three years?
  1. What is the current convenience fee for citations paid online? Would the Airport approve passing the convenience fee on to the violator?
    Zero, and Yes.
  1. What is the City’s current collection rate for parking citations?
  1. Do you currently add late fees? If so, please provide the late fee structure?
  1. Do you currently send notices? If so, how many notices are sent prior to secondary collections?
  1. Does the Airport currently have a vehicle for the Mobile LPR system?
  1. If so, what is the vehicle make/model/year?
    2019 Polaris GEM-E2 / Type LSV-VBV
  1. Will the LPR vehicle have the additional battery option?Unknown
  1. Will there be a light bar installed for LPR camera mounting? (Please provide photos of your vehicle, if available)
    If necessary.
  1. What processors/bank does the Airport use to process credit card transactions? Will the Airport consider switching processors for increased functionality?
    First Data, No.
  1. Will airport provide a staging area with adequate lighting, power, and space to allow for assembly and testing of units prior to installation?
    See #4 above
  1. Will airport be responsible for transporting equipment from pre-assembly/staging to installation sites?
  1. Please confirm the power source as 120VAC.
    See #2 above
  1. Please confirm that 120VAC power will be provisioned by customer/electrician.
    See #2 above
  1. Please confirm who terminates power. The installer or customer/electrician?
    See #3 above
  1. Please confirm communication mode. Ethernet or cellular?See #2 above
  1. Please confirm that any Ethernet will be provisioned by customer/electrician?
    See #2 above

Piedmont Triad Airport Authority
1000A Ted Johnson Parkway
Greensboro, NC 27409

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