NCDOT C204617 Forsyth County Resurfacing project

by March 8, 2021


Sharpe Brothers is actively requesting quotations from NCDOT Certified DBE Subcontractors for the NCDOT C204617 Forsyth County Resurfacing project with a total project goal of 9.0%.  This project is a milling and resurfacing project on 2 sections of US-311 and 6 sections of secondary roads throughout Forsyth County.  The project consists of shoulder reconstruction, milling, patching, resurfacing, structure adjustments, traffic control, paint & thermoplastic striping and snowplowable markers.  The project start date is 5/3/2021 with a completion date of 5/20/2022.  We are looking for quotes for the following items to subcontract:  Trucking (hourly & by the ton), Milling, Structure Adjustments, Paint/Thermoplastic Striping and Traffic Control.  The plans and specifications are available on the following link: .  If interested, please feel free to call (336-346-8156) or email ( .  We request the receipt of quotations by noon March 15, 2021 to fairly evaluate all quotations.

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