Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility Bioenergy Recovery Project in Raleigh, NC

by July 16, 2019


Shook Construction is requesting bids for the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility Bioenergy Recovery Project in Raleigh, NCMBEs, WBEs & SBEs are encouraged to respond.  This significant construction project consists of construction of new and modified wastewater treatment facilities and has been issued with one set of bid documents, but is bidding as multiple bid packages.  Bids are requested by 10:00 AM for the following bid packages with the corresponding dates:

Bid Pkg 8 –
THP & Anaerobic Digestion
(274-40250-008, ≈ $25MM) –
Bids July 16, 2019

Bid Pkg 7 –
Screening & Pre-Conditioning
(274-40250-007, ≈ $25MM) –
Bids July 23, 2019

Bid Pkg 6 –
Thickening Building Rehabilitation
(274-40250-006, ≈ $5MM) –
Bids July 30, 2019

Bid Pkg 9 –
Final Dewatering
(274-40250-009, ≈ $7MM) –
Bids July 30, 2019

 Bid Pkg 10 –
Steam Supply
(274-40250-010, ≈ $6MM) –
Bids August 6, 2019

Bid Pkg 11 –
Alum Facility
(274-40250-011, ≈ $3MM) –
Bids August 6, 2019

Project is tax exempt for permanent construction and Davis Bacon prevailing wage rates apply. Subcontractor/supplier participation is encouraged on any or all bid packages.

Scope items include: General Conditions, Demolition, Sitework & Utilities, Excavation Support, Dewatering, Drilling & Blasting, Hauling, Sand & Gravel Supply, Erosion Control, Paving, Fencing, Landscaping, Concrete Formwork, Ready Mix Supply, Reinforcing Steel, Precast Concrete, Concrete Repair, Masonry, Masonry & Stone Work Restoration, Stainless Steel, Structural Steel & Aluminum, Steel Joists/Decking, Steel Trusses, Misc. Metal Fabrications, Stairs & Ladders, Handrail & Railings, Gratings/Hatches/Access Doors, Carbon Steel Storage Tanks, Rough Carpentry, Casework, Glass Fiber & Resin Fabrications, Waterproofing, Dampproofing, Water Repellants, Vapor Barriers, Insulation, Firestopping, Metal Roofing & Wall Panels, Built-Up Bituminous Roofing, Skylights, Caulking & Joint Sealants, Doors/Frames/Hardware, Roll-Up Doors, Aluminum Storefront/Windows, Glazing, Translucent Wall Assemblies, Drywall & Acoustical Ceilings, Tile, Flooring, MIC Coating System, Paint & Protective Coatings, Misc. Specialties, Pumps, Treatment Plant Equipment, Laboratory Casework, Window Treatments, Prestressed Concrete Tanks, Fiberglass Tanks, Rigid Framed Fabric Covered Structures, Hydraulic Elevators, Cranes & Hoists, Process Pipe/Valves/Gates, Pipe Supports, Insulation, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Packaged Engine Generator Systems and Instrumentation & Controls.

Bid documents are available for download from our website at  Phone: 800-705-5251 Fax: 866-652-7331 or email at [email protected].  EOE

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