Section 18 Demolition Disposition Physical Condition Assessment for Simon Bright Apartments

by March 2, 2020



Kinston Housing Authority will accept competitive sealed proposals for a qualified firm to conduct a Section 18 Demolition Disposition Physical Condition Assessment for Simon Bright Apartments. The deadline to submit proposals and credentials is 4:00 PM on March 18, 2020 at the address below. RFPs can be obtained Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM at the address below or by calling (252) 523-1195 ext. 229. Any questions pertaining to this RFP can be emailed to [email protected] . Kinston Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Proposals may be submitted digitally via email to Rhonda Abbott, Executive Director at [email protected] or in print with 4 copies to the address below:

Kinston Housing Authority
608 N. Queen Street
P.O. Box 697
Kinston, NC 28502

Site Description:
Simon Bright Apartments consists of 224 dwelling units within 29 residential buildings built in two phases. Phase 1 includes 152 units within twenty residential buildings constructed in 1941. Phase 2 includes 72 units within nine residential buildings constructed in 1951.   The property is situated on approximately 12.8 acres and is located at 901 E. Bright St., Kinston, NC 28501.

The Physical Condition Assessment (PCA) will be conducted in order to provide an objective, independent, professional opinion of the potential repair and deferred maintenance costs associated with the subject property. The scope of work will include PCA evaluation and rehabilitation construction cost estimation for an application pursuant to Notice PIH 2018-04 (HA), issued March 22, 2018. HUD reviews demolition requests in accordance with the following criteria: Physical Condition: 24 CFR 970.15(b) (1) (i) and (b) (2). PHAs must demonstrate substantial physical issues of the buildings/units (i.e., critical structural issues, deficiencies in major systems, deterioration due to prolonged deferred maintenance) that cannot be corrected in a cost-effective manner.

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