Statesville (Iredell County) – South Parallel Taxiway-East Project

by February 1, 2018


Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. An Equal Employment Opportunity Contractor, Will Consider All Quotes Regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, or National Origin and is Soliciting Bids for MBE/WBE Participation.

We would appreciate a quotation from your firm for any and all work and/or materials on the following project:

(1)    Statesville (Iredell County) – South Parallel Taxiway-East Project
         Bids:  2-8-18 @ 3:00 PM

We are soliciting subcontract bids for the following trades. Work may include, but not limited to

Materials, Asphalt Paving, Crushed Aggregate Base, Seeding, Interior & Exterior Piping & Valves, Water, Sewer, Pavement Marking, Pavement Removal, Earthwork, Pavement, Electrical, Hauling, Clearing & Grubbing, Erosion Control, Traffic Control Signs, Painting, Underdrains, Demolition, Directional Boring, Fences, Pipe Work, Excavation, Guardrail & any other incidental items or materials necessary for construction to complete the project.

The Project Scope of Work Includes; but not limited to: The construction of a partial parallel taxiway on the south side of the existing Runway 10-28 and the relocation of existing Old Airport Road. Major work items associated with this project include approximately 300,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 8,400 tons of asphalt paving, 8,000 cubic yards of crushed  aggregate base, relocation of City utilities, coordinating relocation of private utilities, and airfield electrical lighting installation.

Contact Daniel Lynch @ [email protected] for a link to download the plans and specs.

You may view plans & specs at the following locations:  JRL Office @ 307 S. Academy St. Pilot Mtn.  Office of the Engineer: Parrish and Partners of NC, PLLC located at 1801 Stanley Road, Suite 104 Greensboro, NC  27407 (336-944-6880) [email protected], or they may be purchased on a digitally CD for a fee of $40.00 from the engineer.  Also, may be viewed at the office of The Owner:  City of Statesville @ 227 South Center Street, Statesville, NC  28687

If you need plans or specs., equip., credit lines, secure loans, joint payments, insurance or quick payments—call Daniel @ J.R.L.  (J.R.L. will furnish bonds for all projects & will help you obtain the proper certification, (if you are not certified.)

JRL encourages 2nd tier MBE/WBE Subcontracting opportunities.  We encourage our subcontractors to utilize 2nd and 3rd tier MBE/WBE Subcontractors.

Please Submit Quote the Day Prior to Bid Opening.

Phone:  336-368-4047
Fax:      336-368-4613



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