Harnett Regional Jetport New Terminal Building project

by September 21, 2022


Monteith is seeking bids for the Harnett Regional Jetport New Terminal Building project which bids on 10/12/2022 at 2:00 PM.

The Work of Project is defined by the Contract Documents and consists of the following:

  1.  20,650 SF renovation of the existing 37,000 SF single-level Terminal of Type 2B construction and the 10,020 SF expansion of the Terminal of Type 2B construction and their Work indicated in the Contract Documents.
  1. Work also includes but is not limited to:
    a.  A temporary modular hold room & checkpoint building of Type 5B construction in accordance with Section 015000 Temporary Facilities and Controls and as shown elsewhere in the Contract Documents.  Work includes relocation of items in the existing hold room and in the TSA office space.
    b.  Relocation of the passenger screening equipment system in the existing TSA Security Screening Checkpoint (SSCP) into the new temporary hold room & checkpoint building.  Work also includes relocation of the passenger screening equipment from the temporary hold room back to the new SSCP location in the renovated Terminal Building.  Sub-Contractor providing the moving and recommissioning of the equipment must be a certified and qualified firm with TSA and DHS.  Work will need to be closely coordinated with TSA and the Airport and will need to be completed in an overnight operation beginning after the last flight has left in the evening and at least 2 hours before the first flight in the morning begins departure.

Project includes the following scopes of work:

02 – Existing Conditions, 03 – Concrete, 04 – Masonry, 05 – Metals, 06 – Wood, Plastics, And Composites, 07 – Thermal And Moisture Protection, 08 – Openings, 09 – Finishes,10 – Specialties,11 – Equipment, 21 – Fire Suppression, 22 – Plumbing, 26 – Electrical, 32 – Exterior Improvements, 34 – Transportation.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE) are strongly encouraged to submit.

To access the plans, please reach out to Dean Denning at [email protected] or 910.791.8101.

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