UNC-Asheville Campus Master Metering 

by November 18, 2019


UNC-Asheville Campus Master Metering

Project Manager/ Estimator:
Danny Dash

Bid Date:
November 22, 2019

Removal of existing pump, meter, and backflow preventer and replacement with ductile iron pipe. Procurement and installation of approximately 120 feet of 8-in ductile iron pipe, new 8-in master meter (purchased from City of Asheville through Allowance 1), and precast vault supplied from existing 8-in water main. Procurement and installation of a new 8-in RPZ backflow preventer in above ground hot box. Clear and grub moderate vegetation along existing 8-in water main. Installation of a new mini power center and approximately 800 feet of 2-in conduit and wire. Replacement of approximately 90 LF of 30-in CMP storm drain.

Danny Dash at [email protected] .

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