UNC-CH National Panhellenic Council Legacy Plaza

by December 2, 2020



Sealed proposals will be received until 2:00 PM on January 12, 2021, at Giles F. Horney Building, 103 Airport Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, (instructions on the front door will direct bidders to drop off their bids at a designated locked drop off box in the Warehouse) for the construction of the UNC-CH National Panhellenic Council Legacy Plaza. Envelopes must be signed on the envelope flap. Bidders may also submit bids via USPS/UPS/FEDEX attention of Mary Boyer. Bids will be opened and read in the Magnolia Conf. Room – 100A) at 3:00 pm; the meeting will be available remotely. Bidders interested in observing the bid opening via ZOOM conference shall provide an email address on the envelope.

Complete plans and specifications for this project may be obtained from the office of Surface 678, PA, 215 Morris Street, Suite 150, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 419-1199 during normal office hours after December 7, 2020.

Plan Deposit One Hundred Dollars ($100).  Digital copies of the plans and specs are available upon request at no cost: hbarefoot@surface678.com .

A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders on at 10:30 am, December 15, 2020 remotely:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/431142629 site walk at the project site will follow after the meeting at 3:00 pm.  All attendees will be required to comply with COVID 19 social distancing safety standards provided prior to the meeting.

The state reserves the unqualified right to reject any and all proposals.

Jill Coleman,
Facilities Planning & Design
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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