UNC Wilmington Dobo Hall Repairs & Renovation, UNCW Parking Deck II

by February 6, 2019


ADVERTISEMENT FOR HUB CONTRACTOR OPPURTUNITY SESSION:  Balfour Beatty is conducting an opportunity session regarding two upcoming construction projects at UNC Wilmington. This session is meant to provide detailed information to HUB contractors regarding the project and the opportunity to meet the Balfour Beatty team one on one.

Wednesday, February, 20 2019 at 4:00 PM

UNC Wilmington Campus, Office of Facilities
5150 Lionfish Drive; Wilmington, NC 28403

UNC Wilmington Dobo Hall Repairs & Renovation
Project Description:  This project consists of repairs and renovations to a 102,000 SF lab and classroom building damaged during the recent hurricane.  Dobo Hall is a 2-story building with a mechanical mezzanine and includes building envelope repairs, MEP replacements, and new finishes.  For any questions regarding this project contact Martin Reynolds 919-630-7344 or [email protected] .

Scope                                                                     Budget
Package C – Skin/Envelope:                          Bids February 2019
08I Window Replacement                                 $300K|
04A Masonry                                                       $650K
06H Interior Wood Trim                                    $100K
07A Waterproofing & Caulking                       $300K
Crawl Space Work                                              $125K
07B Roof Replacement                                     $1.4M
09R FRP Column Covers                                  $50K

Package D – Equipment:                             Bids March 2019
23B HVAC Equipment Pre-Purchase              $2.2M
11P Lab Equipment                                            $1.5M
26B Electrical Gear Pre-Purchase                    $400K
26C Lighting Pre-Purchase                                $500K

Package A – Primary Renovation:       Bids March 2019
03A Concrete                                                       $50K
05A Structural Steel                                           $350K
06F Architectural Millwork                              $100K
06G Casework                                                     $300K
07C Fireproofing                                                $250K
08A Doors & Hardware                                    $650K
9A Drywall                                                           $1.65M
9B Acoustical                                                       $450K
9D Painting                                                          $250K
9E Flooring                                                           $600K
9L Tile                                                                   $200K
10C Signage                                                         $80K
12A Window Treatments                                  $10K
14A Elevators                                                      $75K
21A Fire Protection                                             $450K
22A Plumbing                                                      $2.5M
23A HVAC                                                            $5.5M
23C HVAC Controls                                           $900K
26A Electrical                                                       $3.5M
27A Telecom                                                        $350K
27B AV Systems                                                 $50K
28B Security Systems                                         $250K
32O Landscape & Irrigation                              $150K

UNCW Parking Deck II
Project Description:  This project consists of a 320,000 SF precast parking deck with 1008 spaces, 2 elevator/stair towers, and a surface parking lot with 98 spaces.  It will be located at the current Surface Parking Lot L site and construction is expected to take place from May 2019 to Summer 2020.  For any questions regarding this project please contact Zach Hall at 919-320-6326 or [email protected] .

Packages Bid February-April 2019
Scope                                                                     Budget
1C General Trades                                              $400K
1E Material Testing/Special Inspections        $100K
3A Concrete                                                         $1.8M
4B Masonry                                                         $200K
5A Misc. Steel                                                      $400K
7A Waterproofing & Caulking                         $600K
7B Roofing                                                           $70K
8A Doors & Hardware                                       $50K
8F Glass & Storefront                                        $500K
9A Drywall & Metal Studs                                $70K
9D Painting                                                           $100K
10C Signage                                                         $200K
21B Fire Protection                                             $550K
22A Plumbing/HVAC                                         $250K
26B Electrical                                                       $600K
31A Sitework/Utilities/Hardscape                    $1.2M
31J Deep Foundations                                        $600K
32C Landscaping                                                 $250K



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