Meet the 101-Year Old Woman Who is Still Working as a Hair Stylist

by December 20, 2019

Memphis, TN — At the age of 101, Callie Terrell is still far from retiring from her work as a hair stylist, making her the oldest working beautician in Tennessee and perhaps the country.

“Well, I can’t describe it. I’m thankful I’m physically able to do some of the things I used to do,” she told WREG. “I guess it’s not a lot of 101-year-old people in Memphis still working because they say, ‘Still working?’ Well, I’m still alive.”

Last year, when she celebrated her 100th birthday, she said that she was ready to retire. But with the way things are going now, her retirement is currently not an option.

“Well if you don’t use it, you lose it and people want me to work on them and they pay me, so why not do it,” she said.

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