New Expert Report Confirms Death of Marcus Smith Homicide

by April 16, 2021

Man Who Was Restrained “Hog-tied” By Greensboro Officers Ruled Homicide

In 2018 the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for North Carolina ruled the death of Marcus Smith a homicide. A new expert report confirms his death as a homicide–contrary to misinformation that has been circulating–and is now available to the public.

The Greensboro Justice Coalition and The Pulpit Forum are hosting a press conference to address the new report on Tuesday, April 20 at 11:00 AM at the Beloved Community Center, 417 Arlington St., Greensboro 27406. Copies of the report will be distributed.

This organization of religious leaders and coalition of community groups say the report clearly refutes rumors that Marcus Smith died because of pre-existing factors such as drug use or poor health, and questions on these matters will be answered.

“This report makes it absolutely clear, once again, that Marcus Smith was killed by the actions of city employees and not by any other cause,” Lauren Cunningham said on behalf of the coalition.

The new report was written by the former chief medical examiner for the state of Georgia, Dr. Kris Sperry. Sperry reviewed a large variety of materials related to the interaction that Marcus Smith had with Greensboro law enforcement officers on the night of September 8, 2018. The materials reviewed by Sperry include police body cam videos, autopsy photographs, official depositions, and medical records.

A spokesperson for the coalition says they believe this will have a significant impact on the city council members who are now faced with a case similar to that of George Floyd in Minnesota.

“The videos are clear, the reports are clear, and now we are telling our city council to settle with the Smith family for an amount that says Black lives matter to Greensboro, just like they saw fit to do in Minneapolis.”

To date the city of Greensboro has spent over half-a-million dollars to defend against the lawsuit brought by the family of Marcus Smith.

The Greensboro Justice Coalition is the Beloved Community Center, We The People International, The Good Neighbor Movement, Guilford For All, Greensboro Rising, Sunrise Movement Greensboro, Greensboro Revolutionary Socialists, Democracy Greensboro, and League of Women Voters.

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