New Tips to Ease Recovery from Addiction

New Tips to Ease Recovery from Addiction

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Those recovering from an addiction know what a major challenge the process can be on the body and mind, as well as on the wellness of friends and family supporting your endeavor.

While a physician should be consulted in working out a recovery plan, there are steps one can personally take to smooth the road ahead.

Thinking Positively

Recovery is an ongoing process, and won’t be resolved overnight. Knowing this can help you stay motivated when the going gets tough. Acknowledging but also forgiving yourself for past mistakes is a good place to start.

Including family and friends who have been affected by your addiction in this healing process is important.

Feeling Your Best

Addiction puts major stress on the mind and body. Good nutrition and proper sleep can restore your body’s systems and processes.

Seek out a diet that contains probiotics, which replenish the digestive system with beneficial bacteria that may have been depleted as a result of toxins and chemical overload, poor diet, bodily stress and overall poor digestive health. B-vitamins are needed to energize metabolism and proper cell and muscle function, and fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids is proven to support cognitive function and brain health, joint health, heart health, eye health and more.

However, keep in mind that it can be difficult to satisfy all of one’s nutritional needs under normal circumstances, and can be even more challenging when your body is recovering from addiction. In addition to a healthy diet, consider seeking out supplements designed specifically for people in recovery, such as Recovery24, which was developed by addiction recovery experts and a board-certified nutritionist. Recovery24 is designed to replenish your body’s nutrients and support sleep, energy, healthy digestion, and overall well-being around the clock. The special formulation contains key nutrients such as probiotics, B-vitamins, fish oil, chamomile, jujube fruit, lemon balm leaf, phosphatidyl serine and antioxidants. The A.M. packs are taken with the first meal of the day and support sustained energy and mental focus. The P.M. Packs are taken 30 minutes before you go to sleep and support a calm, restful sleep.

The road to recovery is challenging and loved ones may also experience their own stresses, sleeplessness and nutritional gaps. Recovery24 supplements are safe and effective even for those not in recovery. More information can be found at

Get Active

Your road to recovery should involve new hobbies and interests. Start with some fun, physical activity to get your body moving, get healthier and boost endorphins. Whether it’s training for a 5k or joining a pick-up game of basketball in the park, exercise is a crucial component to your overall wellness.

Get Involved

Consider joining other local organizations — from being an involved member of a religious congregation to participating in a local volunteer group to taking art or music classes at a community center. It’s important to stay focused on positive, healthy activities and goals, and make friends and connections with people who are doing likewise.

Experts know that addiction recovery requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the mind, the soul and the body. While recovering from addiction, take the best care of yourself possible to support your goal.


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