No Jobs, No Recovery, No Votes

by January 29, 2010

(NNPA) – It is a pretty simple formula.  Yet, many of our federally elected officials don’t seem to understand or at least listen to the masses.  The messages in Virginia and New Jersey were certainly clear.  Still they prodded on with their largesse and out of touch agenda.  Then comes Massachusetts like the thunder of an electrical storm or the roar of the mighty ocean.  Still I wonder if they have figured it out yet.  The people want jobs, jobs, jobs!  Big schemes like healthcare reform, energy bills, greedy attempts by union lobbyists, etc will have to wait.  The Clinton Campaign’s slogan still applies:  “It’s the economy stupid!”

For the first time in many decades the very democratic state Massachusetts voted to kill the humongous healthcare reform bill and turn the efforts into job creation.  Families are hurting and many are being destroyed.  Hope is fading as we go through the worst economic downturn since the great depression.  The population demands a full concentration on getting America back on its economic feet.  Those officials who don’t concentrate on this task will be heading for unemployment themselves.  This election cycle is going to be very exciting.

The healthcare reform effort is pretty much dead. The Republicans, thanks to Massachusetts, now have the filibuster weapon.  The Democrats can get around that if they accept the Senate version of the bill as it stands.  But the House, like much of America, has serious issues with the Senate version and probably could not gather enough votes to pass it.  For instance, the Congressional Black Caucus insists that a public option be available in the legislation. 
However, the Senate version has no public option.  Then there was the vote swapping via kickbacks, bribery, and downright financial whoring.  It’s now ugly and the people don’t want it.  After nine months, this amounts to a monster that no one intended to create.  It is going to die and still we have no jobs.

Listen Congress and listen White House, not another program or major project until the economy gets right.  If the jobs don’t start rolling in between now and November a whole lot of you are going to be “toast”.  What else do we have to do to let you know?  You who stutter are going to witness a very strong group of independents, if not a new third party. This nation is on the verge of voting revolution and that is a good thing.

Don’t start talking about Cap and Trade.  That is a hustle as much as the healthcare mess was.  Card Check, Project Labor Agreements and anything else the radical, almost communist, unions pay you to put up to the people is going to be slammed down hard and with certainty.  Your political careers will fizzle right before your eyes.  From California to the East Coast the people will once again vote for change.  That is a change for a better economy.

Here’s the big deal that they refuse to look at.  70% of all new jobs come from the growth of Small Businesses.  Yes, small business creates 70% of all new jobs.  So Congress and Mr. President, how about setting the market for small business growth?  Maybe we should infuse the Small Business Administration with more capital guarantees for small business loans.  Wouldn’t that be positive?  How about returning the SBA to a staff of 5,000 like it was when Bill Clinton became President instead of the 1700 you have now.  Shouldn’t we stop bundling contracts and break them down so that more small businesses can participate.  You know, the saddest thing about this is that it is so simple.  It is simple to those who want to get it done but so hard to see for the greedy and special interest groups.  If your congressperson or senator is not focusing on small business growth then it is time to vote him/her out. Upgrade your leadership and increase the number of new jobs being c

Another important fact to remember:  Small businesses create jobs while unions manipulate jobs and limit them.  If a project is nonunion it will provide significantly more jobs.  A similar project that is union will cost the client much more and thereby limit the power of the budget (amount of jobs).  Please notice that the highest unemployment areas in our nation are in places that are prevalent with union shops.  Right to work states have significantly more employment than their union counterparts.  It is very clear and simple.  Find out how much money your elected official gets from the union coffers.  If they are on the “payroll” vote them out.  That money should be used for pension funds anyway.  Instead, the unions are trying to buy influence with their members’ precious money. •


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