Quit Playin’: Trump Voters Must Re-Apply!

Quit Playin’: Trump Voters Must Re-Apply!

by December 12, 2018

Vincent L. Hall is coming hard as the year comes to an end!

To my lifelong friends Carrol and Delton, Bonnie and Summer, and a few others I can’t mention here, this “Bud” is not for you. However, for an increasing number of the White folks I thought I knew, the time has come to put up or shut up.

If you ride with Donald Trump, who controls 40% of the national electorate, this missive is for you.

For those who gifted him with a questionable 50% Job Approval rating in a recent Rasmussen poll… this is for you!

As it relates to our friendship, you must re-apply.

Some of the empathetic, engaging, encouraging White friends and “Coloreds for Trump” that I’ve always valued, have turned on me. I don’t mean any harm, but I need to see your updated resume.

I hear you asking, “But Vincent, why…why after all these years would you doubt our bond?” The short answer is that Donald Trump’s daily attempts to prove that he is by White people, for White people and with White people, suggests that neither he nor you are working in my best interest.

This request did not come without serious thought and consternation. I painstakingly thumbed through 30 months of Donald’s political plundering and came to this resolution, solemnly and soberly. When you add it all up, “White privilege or superiority” is the only coagulant or commonality in Trump’s pursuit of homogeny.

I listened intently to all the advances of a soon-to-be former friend, and all to no avail. His application was denied!

“Donald Trump tells it like it is. Donald Trump calls it like he sees it. Donald Trump is a straight-shooter.” My retort was equally compact. ‘Donald Trump don’t know what he don’t know. Donald Trump’s vision is jaundiced and impaired. Donald Trump has a crooked aim.’ (Double entendre: intended, intended.)

This megalomaniac told you that he was bringing his business acumen to Washington. That was an easy lie to detect. Trump is the CEO of a mom-and-pop shop, selling his celebrity on a piecemeal basis. He has a linear understanding of economics. How can you bet on a guy who lost a casino for God’s sake? Common sense tells you to be wary of any politician who calls himself, the “Tariff Man.”

Trump rode in on the wheels of White evangelical inevitability. He dispatched angelic heretics like Robert Jeffress and Paula White. Trump either rented or bought a lowly cast of famous Negro preachers that most Negroes have never heard of. Trump, a known heathen and philanderer, with five kids and three baby mamas, couldn’t qualify to sit on the deacon’s bench at First Baptist Dallas.

Then there was the argument that his pedigree and pelf prepared him to be the next Commander-in-Chief. Instead, we have a Maniac and a Mannequin in the Rose Garden. We went from branded American pseudo-royalty to “Pomp and Uncircumcised.” The splendor and symbolism of “Ruffles and Flourishes,” giving introit to “Hail to the Chief,” is wasted on Trump and his mail-order or made-to-order bride. Don’t get mad, the standards were set before we were born.

The world is bewildered with our classless, clueless Chief and a First Lady whose singular goal is to be “Best Dressed.” Trump’s declaration of Nationalism was another hint. As someone so aptly put it, “Not all Trump voters are racists, but all racists vote for Trump.” This desire to purge the “other” is offensive to 150,000,000 of us who are non-white and none too happy with Donald Trump’s daily regimen of racial division.

Black comedians have long espoused the need for having good White friends in your circle. Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Katt Williams have been stalwart in advocating close, cross-cultured relationships. I’m a believer and a subscriber. But with racism and xenophobia spiraling out of control, I can’t take a chance.

Some of my dearest and most trusted White allies must reapply. If you’re a Negro, or your Brownness was ordained by the Creator, don’t even bother. I have even less confidence in you!


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