Sadia Sisay Lingerie Line Heats Up the Market

by January 17, 2017

Sadia Sisay Lingerie Line
Sadia Sisay Lingerie Line: Not a one-color-fits-all product

Sadia Sisay Lingerie Line started when Sisay noticed that no lingerie was available that matched the skin color of black women. What most retailers sell as “nude” is not nude for black women. The whole idea of nude or flesh-colored is to hide lingerie under the clothing, but nude is not the same for everyone, especially among women of color. Sisay got to work to develop her own line of lingerie that women of color will love.

Sisay was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in the UK. She views her new company, BeingU, as a love crusade as well as a business because she is finally giving women of color choices in lingerie that match their beautiful rich skin tones. Her line includes bras, panties and briefs in 5 skin tones, and in a wide range of sizes, from 28-44 back and B-H cups.

People told her that Sadia Sisay Lingerie Line was crazy

Sisay started her journey seven years ago and soon realized she was going to have to go it alone. Why? People told her that her idea was crazy, and the banks would not work with her because they said “that black women did not have the money to buy my lingerie!”

But she believed in her idea, and her new lingerie company is heating up the market for many reasons. It is providing a product that meets the needs of women of color. But more importantly, it is telling black women everywhere to embrace their color.

She comments, “Because when I feel visible, I feel possible, I feel like me. When I feel possible I can do anything so I believe same for others.”

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