Spiritual Commentary: Take It To Heart

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Truth is these days there is a lot of thought that goes into doing church.  Millions if not billions of neurons, synapse and axons are brought into play.  In other words there is a lot of cerebral activity going on in the church and all of that is fine as long as it is submitted to God’s Spirit and subjected to God’s Word.  But the thing is our real passion for Jesus still comes from the heart.  Beloved, our real passion for God and the things of God still come from the heart when we allow God’s Word to set our hearts ablaze with a desire to zealously do God’s will.  The Christian Church today is hemorrhaging souls because we have allowed ourselves to drift into the minefield of cerebral acceptance and forgotten that it is the heart welcoming of God’s Word that we need!

Beloved, we need to get back to the future of taking God’s Word into our hearts.  It will cause a rekindling of our joy and dare I say passion, in living for God and his will!  Far too often as believers we engage the enemy at head level in order to enter into committed obedience and service.  And if the truth be told we often do this without the proper battle dress, the helmet of salvation. (Ephesians 6:10-18)  We must not forget that it is at the level of the heart that our battles will be won!  The obedience and the service we find ourselves struggling with without victory is the obedience and service our hearts have not totally taken up God’s Word on.  Beloved, once God’s Word gets in our hearts we will find that we have indeed been granted the empowerment promised through Christ and the Holy Spirit we need to enable us to walk passionately in all that God’s Word counsels.

Honestly, the struggle most of us has is with letting God’s Word have a real and permanent place on our hearts. So let us pray for ourselves and one another that where we have put up barriers in our hearts against God’s Word that “Our Father” will open our hearts to his Word.  Let us pray that our hearts will be painted and wallpapered with God’s Word and that we might rejoice in this renewed scheme to fervently and passionately walk in God’s ways!” God’s Word in your heart makes all the difference! •

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