Woman Breaking Gender Paradigms

by February 23, 2015

In a world where in theory, gender struggle is long gone, since the adoption of the feminine universal suffrage in 1931, in practice, for women today, reaching high positions remains a narrow path.

It is not a secret that being in one of the highest offices in a company is a double-edged sword, not only for the personal and economic satisfaction but also for the great responsibility that this represents.

But what does it takes to work in this position? What sacrifices or risks must be taken to achieve, reach and also stay? Three of the most successful women in the state of North Carolina are proof of that. For them, tenacity, courage and dedication are some of the qualities that are needed to perform this type of work in a society where man is dominant, says Mary Winston, the chief financial officer of Family Dollar.

“In a job like this, gender differentiation is evident in the financial sector, which is dominate by men. But I’ve worked in international organizations where women even from other countries have succeeded because no matter where they work, they do a good job. ”

For the Puerto Rican Deborah Aguiar-Vélez, owner of Systems Corporation since 1983, it is very clear that women have many challenges related to their gender in a intrinsic way that men do not have, like looking for a job while they are pregnant. Likewise, Elaine Marshall, Secretary of State of North Carolina, believes that women’s style is different in issues of leadership because, in a world led by men, it is difficult for a woman’s voice to be heard and valued.

“If the person to whom he is speaking don’t think a woman should be in that kind of leadership is difficult to be taken into account. It’s hard to be persuasive because women ideas are often eliminated because the way they look physically,” Marshall said. “Martin Luther King said, ‘Judge me by my heart’s content and quality of my ideas and not judge me by my gender or my race.’ There is still much to reach in that level. ”

On the other hand, for Winston, although women do have a disadvantage compared to men, making the work harder, she also states that “often the limitation of some women is mental, they believe that they can not do or will not be accepted depending on family or cultural context. ”

Despite what they have had to live through these years of experience, each of them is optimistic and sees hope for the success of the female figure in senior positions.

Advice for people who aspire to high positions

Security. Know what you want to achieve. Objectives involve effort and sacrifice.

The same level of effort is required getting to occupy one of these positions, as maintained and be good at what it does. I think they must always be ready to work hard, make sacrifices, and achieve a balance with the challenges they face in life to succeed.

Preparation. Success is when opportunity meets someone who is prepared, and how to be prepared? Prepare by studying, making connections, always believing that one can do better and work more efficiently, nothing comes easily. One must pass intelligently to expert and a reliable expert advisor.

Confidence. Not waiting to have everything sorted out and be an expert. You have to identify the strengths that need to improve and fix the weaknesses, and not let weaknesses become vulnerabilities.

Make yourself known. Recognize your interests and communicate them to others.

Many women expect to be strong or skilled enough about a topic to get started and get the dream job; that will never happen, you may be the rest of your life.

Volunteering. There are many small jobs with great responsibility where you learn a lot more, if you volunteer when the opportunity presents itself.

Being expert. Work on your skills and personal strengths to become an expert in any subject, work or office. Initially work may not pay but if you are good at what you do, you will definitely become an indispensable resource.

Have vision. Not to be perfect, not be the best but it is important to look to the future and have a plan.

Declaring victory. Believing that everything will be fine and start working to get in; if it fails, leave it and move on.

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