Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work – North Carolina Author, Karin Reed

Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work – North Carolina Author, Karin Reed

by January 22, 2021

Our work environments have changed overnight. The new book Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work by North Carolina author, Karin Reed, is a guided roadmap (backed by science) to thriving professionally and financially in a virtual world.

Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist and 20 year On-Camera Coach Karin Reed, and the world’s leading scientific expert on workplace meetings, Joe Allen, Ph.D., teamed up to write the new book, Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work (Wiley, March 9, 2021), to help millions of knowledge-based workers navigate this new reality that isn’t going away. Stanford University’s School of Business has just incorporated the book into the curriculum for their Essentials of Strategic Communication course for this Spring 2021 semester.

Karin and Joe’s Rules of VIRTUAL Engagement:
The pressure to look great and “perform” on camera might feel a bit cringy, but video meetings, interviews, presentations and conferences aren’t going anywhere.

Keep. Your. Camera. On. Meetings where cameras are on, are 25% more effective.

Our new virtual world means a wider pool of applicants for new positions. Expect national competition. The ability to communicate effectively on camera will play a major role in getting hired and/or landing new clients, going forward.

Looking good on camera is not about vanity. It’s about being respectful of the person or people on the other side of the camera.

Audio and video clarity are paramount. Invest in the right tools.

Don’t relax your level of professionalism just because your current atmosphere is more relaxed.

Leverage your virtual environment to enhance your business relationships. The How To’s…

“Zoom Abuse” is a thing. What it is and how to avoid it.

Commit to staying in “conversation mode” and avoid “presenter mode.”

Rethink your timing and approach. Virtual meetings should be shorter and more purposeful, and include only people who absolutely need to be there. Zoom fatigue is real.

About the Authors


Karin Reed is an Emmy Award winning former anchorwoman who transitioned into coaching C-Suite level executives in the art of communicating on camera over the last decade and a half. Suddenly Virtual is her second book published by Wiley & Sons Publishing.

Joe Allen, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah, and the world’s leading scientific expert on workplace meetings and organizational community engagement, with more than 100 published articles in academic journals. Joe Allen is also Director for The Center for Meeting Effectiveness. Suddenly Virtual is his first book.

Now that so many of us are able to work remotely, if we want to continue to enjoy those perks, being an effective virtual/on-camera communicator is non-negotiable.

Please reach out to me to book an interview with Karin Reed, author of Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work.

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