Williston Middle School Teams Win First and Second Place in Stock Market Game

by January 26, 2015

First place winners in the Stock Market Game. Pictured from left to right: Teacher Brita Clarkson, Janiqua McKinney, Dami’yon Fletcher, A’dyn Linney and Williston Assistant Principal Kristi Swain.

Middle schools in New Hanover County recently competed in a virtual simulation competition called the Stock Market Game.  The competition was set up by the New Hanover County Public Library through stockmarketgame.org. One hundred and three teams across New Hanover County competed over a span of three months to see which team could invest their money and have the most financial gains at the end of the competition. Eighth grade Social Studies Teacher Brita Clarkson’s three person team from Williston Middle School won first place in the competition. Also from Williston, eighth grade Social Studies and Language Arts Teacher Leyna Varnum’s team took second place.

  “I am so proud of my team,” said Mrs. Clarkson. “They truly applied themselves throughout the competition and I have watched them reap the benefits in all of their classes. When these students set their minds on something and focus, they can achieve anything!”

  The Stock Market Game (SMG) asks students: “What would you do if you were given $100,000?” Through SMG, students gain a fundamental understanding of investing and how to get their money to work for them. The game also helps students do better in school. When students participate in SMG, they are in real-world situations where they practice the content and skills taught in math, English/Language Arts, economics, social studies, and other school subjects. Most importantly, SMG helps them develop positive money habits to prepare them for their futures. •

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