Wilmington Resident Launches National School Safety Movement

by July 22, 2013

Wilmington, NC resident, Dr. Yushonda Midgette-Spriggs, is on a national awareness campaign aimed at keeping kids safe in school. The now Pastor, Counselor, and Teacher, has founded a nonprofit organization called Keeping Kids Safe in Schools, Inc. (KKSS). Midgette-Spriggs who is also a radio and TV states that KKSS project is about: gun control, non-violence, and anti-bullying in the United States school system.       

As the very first recipient of the Outstanding Alumna Award in 2000 from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for the launching of her TV show “THE CALL”, Dr. Midgette-Spriggs’ KKSS project is purposed to eliminate violence and physical endangerment targeted at students in the United States school system. Ask her what’s energizing her mountain size task of organizing and executing a national awareness campaign; she is quick to say, “Kids and teens deserve the right to attend school without the fear of being gunned down, threaten, and/or assaulted in any form or fashion”.

Furthermore, Dr. Midgette-Spriggs states that her relentless drive to protect student’s lives while in school is inspired and fueled by the senseless killings that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Columbine High School. Too say the least, because of her love for kids and education, she is very adamant about making schools a safe place to learn, grow, build positive relationships, and graduate. The UNCW graduate is very passionate about the Keeping Kids Safe in School project. As a Pastor and by the revelation she received after her near death accident, she knows from within the well of her spirit and soul that God has chosen her to be an Ambassador for keeping kids safe in every classroom.  

In order to help promote and further her KKSS national awareness campaign across the U.S. and eventually around the globe, Dr. Midgette-Spriggs had her very own music CD produced. The 10 song CD is filled with inspiring and uplifting lyrics purposed to capture the attention of students, parents, school administrators, law officials, and policy makers. The awareness campaign is designed to promote unification and encourage dialogue about ways and methods to keep kids safe in school across the United States.

Proceeds from the sale of the CD will be used to help fund KKSS, other organizations who support non-violence on school grounds, and innovative ways to deter and hinder persons from entering schools with deadly weapons. In short, Dr. Midgette-Spriggs wants to protect innocent students from becoming victims of persons with no regard to human life. She states that “no child should have to fear going to school, nor should one be denied the right of not finishing grade school because of being murdered on school grounds”.

As Dr. Midgette-Spriggs project’s name implies, the headline song, (number four on CD) is called “Keeping Kids Safe.” She has coined the headliner song as “The Kids National Anthem”. According to her, she was inspired to write the song as a result of Sandy Hook school massacre in December 2012; where 20 innocent kids were selfishly gunned down. As Dr. Midgette-Spriggs was writing the songs for the CD, she also recalled the senseless killings at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Some fourteen years ago, she interviewed on her TV show, The Call, one of the parents of a student killed. That interview still resonates in her heart and soul today.

Dr. Midgette-Spriggs said a great number of persons who have heard the positive message CD have experienced a sense of relief and healing from the lyrics. One listener with tears of joy filling her eyes stated that the CD is very timely, and the best kids’ and teen CD she has ever heard. Similarly, the senior producer of the CD, Grammy and Dove Award winner, Tim Greene is highly impressed by the overall meaning of the CD.

Greene along with several Nashville and Atlanta award winning musicians and gold record producers who worked on the project are elated not only by the technical quality of the project, but also by Dr. Yushonda Midgette-Spriggs message and campaign. Although each song has its own meaning, collectively all the songs are designed to bring about awareness of keeping kids safe in school and combating violent crimes on school grounds. Each song was written in a way that touches the hearts of kids, teens, and adults. Truly, the general population and all parties who have lost loved ones due to deadly violence on school grounds can find a sense of healing and peace from the “Keeping Kids Safe” CD. In addition to the headliner song, many listeners have found hope and calmness in the songs “Don’t Leave Me” and “Kid’s Cry”. 

According to the CD’s distributor, the “Keeping Kids Safe” CD is available to purchase through Sam Goody’s, and via several e-commerce sites such as: CdBady, cdUniverse, and Rhapsody. Several Christian bookstores, including Cox Christian bookstore in Wilmington, on the east coast also have agreed to inventory the CD, and Wal-Mart east coast stores will be carrying the CD. To find out more about the KKSS Project call 910-538-1096. 

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