Howe Pre-K Principal Patricia Waddell Named 2016 “Children’s Champion”

by April 8, 2016

WILMINGTON, NC – Patricia Waddell, principal of Howe Pre-K Center, has been  named a 2016 Smart Start “Children’s Champion” for her exceptional service to young children and their families in New Hanover County.

Ms. Waddell has been an educator for the past 42 years in New Hanover County, touching the lives of thousands of students.  For the last 15 years, she has worked with children ages three through five, with 12 of those years serving as the principal at Howe Pre-K. 

“We get the opportunity to introduce children to school and the beginning of their educational journey,” Ms. Waddell said. “I believe that each and every child can be successful, and the key is to find the right way to reach and teach each child. There is no such thing as failure in our school.” •

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