About the Civic Engagement Project

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The Civic Engagement Project

Greater Diversity News (GDN) is actively engaged in protecting our democracy and voting rights by promoting its Civic Engagement Project (CEP).  In its formative stage, CEP will address various aspects of voter participation and will provide information for use in educating, organizing and mobilizing voters.

Each week GDN-CEP will profile a major figure or organization related to voter suppression, Citizens United, gerrymandering, redistricting, election calendars, candidates, political parties, pressure groups and many more topics relevant to people interested in being informed voters or making a decision of whether or not to vote.  All Civic Engagement Project newsletter editions will be permanently archived on our website.

GDN will publish news and voter related information on our website, www.greaterdiversity.com ,  on an ongoing basis and in our (free) dedicated eNews digital edition (Voter Engagement Project) on a weekly basis.  By subscribing to our free eNews you will be able to keep up with the many legal challenges to voting rights and better understand the serious issues at stake.  In our eNews we will publish the names and web addresses of individuals and organizations that are relevant to voting rights and, if your organization is not already included in our network, we urge you to join.  You or your organization may join our network by sending GDN a notice requesting inclusion view our contact form: click here.

GDN also produces “Books of Knowledge,” considered to be, the most important overview of the 400-year old Black experience in America.  Knowing the history of the Black experience in America fully answers the ever-present question of “why vote?”  Our coverage will include insightful articles on holding elected officials accountable and how communities can request their fair share of political patronage.

Using GDN’s CEP allows candidates, civic groups, non-profits and others to better network and increase support from their constituents.

Please encourage individuals and organizational members to register for GDN’s free eNews. Help them to become more informed voters that are more likely to engage in the political process that includes voter outreach.