The Fight to Protect Immigrant Families Continues: Stop Speaker Ryan’s Anti-Immigrant Bill

The Fight to Protect Immigrant Families Continues: Stop Speaker Ryan’s Anti-Immigrant Bill

by June 21, 2018

Demand a NO vote on Paul Ryan’s bill, which will continue separating families and turbocharge immigration enforcement.

Yesterday Donald Trump signed an executive order that he claims will end family separation at the border. The reality is that it may not stop separating families, will not reunite the thousands of families already torn apart, and aims to lock up even more children and families. Our movement is so powerful that we’ve managed to shame Trump into action, but this crisis is far from over.

Now Trump is calling on Congress to help him put children and their parents into mass prison camps – indefinitely. This is his unspeakably cruel “solution” to family separation.

In the House, Speaker Paul Ryan is working to pass a bill today that would sanction mass immigrant family detention and give Trump a Congressional greenlight on his brutal anti-immigrant agenda.

You play a crucial role in our fight, John. And our jobs aren’t done – make a call today to stop Congress from passing a law that puts families in prison camps.

Ryan’s bill is designed to imprison families. It uses the end of family separation as a way to justify dismantling protections against the jailing of children and families in mass prison camps. It will turbocharge immigration enforcement and it contains Donald Trump’s personal anti-immigrant wish list, border wall and all.

Here’s what you can do right now: Today, the House is voting on Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill. Just like Trump’s executive order, this bill is holding immigrant children hostage to push forward intolerable family detention – and a slew of other anti-immigrant policies that undermine the Constitution and due process.

Ryan’s bill is NOT a solution, but it could still get the votes it needs to pass. Call your representative right now and demand that they vote against Ryan’s bill.

John, we’re in this fight for the long-haul – and we’re fighting on all fronts: We’re suing the Trump administration to bring a permanent end to family separation. We’re giving Congress no choice but to block the Ryan bill and refuse to give one cent to immigrant-abusing agencies like ICE. We will bear witness to the horrors of family separation and detention. We will raise our voices so loud that this issue is kept front and center until every single family is reunited.

Thanks for staying in the fight,

Lorella Praeli
Lorella Praeli
ACLU Director of Immigration Policy and Campaigns

P.S. You’ll be hearing a lot from the ACLU team in the next few weeks as we make sure to send you the most urgent and effective ways to take action. We’re on the right side of history – but it’s going to take work from all of us to win. So please call your representative now.

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