Racial Identity – “The Grass is The First to Go,” Takes on Violence, Politics, Morality and Race

by March 7, 2018

racial identity

Chicago, IL — The news is filled with stories on gun violence, mass incarceration, Black Lives Matters, #MeToo, sexual harassment, and injustice. Schools, businesses and other organizations confront morality, racial identity, unconscious bias and stereotypes. There is a need for resources to increase engagement and interactive problem-solving. The Grass Is the First to Go can be staged or read aloud in small groups to help create dialogue, solutions and action plans. They can help groups break down walls and build understanding about diversity and inclusion.

Motivational speaker and author, Orlando Ceaser’s, new book uses art to tackle hot topics of racial identity. The Grass Is the First to Go is ten one-act plays with a discussion guide to stimulate thought and spirited conversations. Their controversial nature and provocative content is written to inspire and jolt people to sit down and talk.

Orlando Ceaser: writer, speaker, thought leader and voiceover specialist

He spent his first career as a business executive in the pharmaceutical industry. Ceaser has over 30 years of experience in sales, management, training, diversity, marketing, leadership and personal development. He aspires to entertain, educate and inspire people to unlock their leadership greatness to reach their dreams.

Am I Black Enough? is a play about the struggle in communities when people within the same group have their cultural and racial identity challenged by their own. The signature play, The Grass Is the First to Go, speaks to the lack of stewardship and the failure to value life, opportunity and resources. I Protest, was inspired by young people in the Black Lives Matter Movement. These brave and vocal souls stand up for justice and equality and against hypocrisy and injustice. My Life Defined, begs the question, what does it say about our lives if our pursuit of pleasure, self-indulgences and selfishness direct our behavior toward matters that do not address the major inequities of our times?

Mr. Ceaser advises students, parents and employees to become Impact Players in school, work and in their communities. Impact players are individuals who are prominent and dominant in their fields. They are the game changes who improve performance through their actions. Mr. Ceaser achieves this objective through key note addresses, workshops, spoken word CD’s and books.

Prisoners and racial identity

He presents two decision making models; The Know System™ and The Objection Model – The Art of Refusal™. These models guide users to make decisions consistent with their faith and value systems. Mr. Ceaser is the author of twelve books related to racial identity including Unlock your Leadership Greatness, Leadership above the Rim, The Isle of Knowledge, Look for the Blessing and Leadership Greatness through High Performance Poetry. His blog, www.myozonelayer.com focuses on management, motivation and leadership. For more information, please visit www.OrlandoCeaser.com.

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