Republicans Change the Script and Now Support Obamacare

Republicans Change the Script and Now Support Obamacare

by November 2, 2018

Healthcare in 2018 looms as a major national issue, which will determine how Americans will vote for a candidate. The Democrats and President Obama were correct when they implemented the (ACA) Affordable Care Act. There were many problems in executions with the ACA, but 15 million additional Americans were able to get health insurance coverage who were denied earlier.

Once President Obama left office, the ACA has become more popular and the pre-exciting conditions provision has Republican states putting ballot initiatives as amendments to expand healthcare programs. The provision for pre-existing conditions has become one of the major issues in the 2018 mid-term election.

“It also has become a focal point in numerous governors’ races. The election-day push in conservative leaning states for one of the main aspects of the Obama’s healthcare law has surprised many Republican lawmakers after they spent years attacking it,” says Paul Waldman, reporter of the Washington Post.

The Republicans have tried to repeal the ACA at least 60 or 70 times and, as there are only 8 days left before the election, many of the Republicans (starting with Trump) are changing their tunes. Some would call this lying and fabricating the truth, but the Republicans consider this good politics.

There is no shame in the Republicans’ game, so making a 180-degree change near the end of the midterm election proves they cannot be trusted. Integrity and trust is not something that is high on the Republicans’ list of the right things to do.

President Trump leapt into the election year fight over protections for people with pre-existing conditions last week saying the GOP will defend them. “All Republicans support people with pre-existing conditions, and if they don’t, they will after I speak to them,” he said on Twitter. “I am in total support.”

It appears that this new initiative is starting to be pushed by Trump and the Republican Party because the Democrats and President Obama were right for the last eight years. The Republicans have tried to destroy and kill the ACA every way they could think of, but Americans are not dumb or sleep-walking, so now they have flipped the script.

Healthcare should not be a privilege, it should be a right — and universal. As Americans demand universal healthcare, the richest country in the world should be a model for healthcare around the globe.

Even though President Trump says he is supporting pre-existing conditions there appears to be a contradiction in his new imitative. Twenty (20) Republican states have a lawsuit in court challenging Obamacare constitutionally. They argue that the rest of the law does not hold up, after the individual mandate provision was rolled back last year.

So, Trump and the Republicans are talking out of all sides of their mouth, and healthcare is a complete mess if Americans follow the party in power. President Trump ran in 2016 on scrapping Obamacare and nearly succeeded in doing so last year. Now, he is lying again, and it is incumbent for the media and Democrats to expose President Trump’s lies and call him out as a fabricator.

The Democrats are on the side of truth, and they must continue to present the facts, because the truth will set America free from criminals and corruption.

“Despite the fact that America spends almost twice as much per person on healthcare as any other country, our healthcare outcomes lag behind other nations’. We get poor value for what we spend,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. Healthcare is a major issue in the 2018 election, vote with the Democrats.

As you vote in this election this year, know your facts, and study the candidate’s record and platform. Many of the candidates are lying, and not telling the truth. Don’t be fooled.

Roger Caldwell is President of On Point Media Group, a marketing and public relations firm. He is a graduate of Howard University, author, political writer, businessman.


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