Valder Beebe Show: Randy Jackson

by November 26, 2018


Via satellite from Los Angeles direct to the Valder Beebe Show’s RES studios, music producer Randy Jackson.

We invited Randy into the Valder Beebe Show RES studios because there are over 23 million Americans living with diabetes and according to the Centers for Disease Control, people living with diabetes are 2x more likely to develop gum disease. Randy Jackson is among the statistics and has lived with diabetes for 17 years.

Randy has been on TV screens in our living rooms for years, is multi-talented music producer and this year he is partnering with Colgate and the American Diabetes Association on their “Everyday Reality” campaign.

Randy shares with the Valder Beebe Show audience his own challenges and current reality of living with diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association’s “Everyday Reality” campaign is to shine a light on how diabetes impacts nearly every decision they make daily – from what they eat, wear and do, and even how they take care of themselves.

VBS: Randy as I said in my introduction, you have lived with Type 2 Diabetes for a long time.

RJ: Yes, I have lived with type-2 diabetes for 17 years and it has changed my everyday reality both on and off stage. As a music producer and TV host, my mouth really matters, so I pay extra attention to keeping it healthy. The reality is, gum disease could be a bigger issue for me than someone without diabetes.

VBS: Your diabetes diagnosis stated with your oral health?

RJ: Yes, it started with my dentist recommending that I see my doctor because something was not right during my examination.

VBS: What goals does the American Diabetes and Colgate “Everyday Reality “want to achieve with this campaign?

RJ: The goal of the campaign and its purpose is to ignite a conversation around diabetes and empower support of the diabetes community… hear the complete interview on

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