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by January 6, 2017

John TravIs Holt

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Greater Diversity News (GDN) is a statewide publication with national reach and relevance. We are a chosen news source for underrepresented and underserved communities in North Carolina.

GDN and our companion website focuses on issues and opportunities important to Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) and issues of community interest and empowerment such as Moral Monday and voter suppression. Please ask your elected officials and public bodies (cities, counties, school systems, hospitals, housing authorities, airports, public utilities and … ) to support GDN, your news service of choice, by advertising their HUB and job opportunities with us.


Improved Social Media: Sharing on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and national events, weekly updates emailed to registered customers with links to content and digital editions.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Known as early adopters of new technologies and communication tools, African-Americans go beyond merely providing a strong base for brands – they are also key influencers. Other demographics data identify a driving force for popular culture. GDN readers influence mainstream American culture according to

73% of Whites and 67% of Hispanics.

Our Mission:

Greater Diversity News sponsors www.TheThirdReconstruction.com and covers news that is vital to unrepresented and underserved communities.  We need your financial support to help us remain viable.

The Third Reconstruction unites with a primary focus on political, social and economic justice, to unite our politics and economics

The Focus:

Political justice

Social justice

Economic justice

A plea for person-hood



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Mobile, Deskltop, and Tablet compatibility.

Share your message with GDN’s extensive database of certified minority contractors and vendors.

Expanded reach to over 30,000+ readers in the age group of 25 and over, certified minority contractors, small businesses and members of civic organizations.

GDN is distributed to libraries, community colleges, univers ties, news stands, churches and local businesses throughout the Carolinas.

Certified by the Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council.

When you advertise with Greater Diversity News, you get both print and Web advertising

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