About The New Black Student Movement (TheNBSM)

by August 8, 2021


The New Black Student Movement works in tandem with other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) campus student initiatives/organizations, alumni initiatives/associations, Divine 9, faith based, and nonpartisan groups and individuals in an existing and unique VOTER REGISTRATION, EDUCATION and MOBILIZATION (VREM) / GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) and Civic Engagement model. Protecting voting rights and defeating voter suppression is our highest priority.

The establishment of student NAACP chapters at each HBCU throughout the nation, inclusive of Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) campuses and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) with Black Student Unions (BSUs), is part of our institutionalization process that pursues 100% voter participation moving forward. Implementing NAACP student chapters does not preclude the establishment of other civil rights activist organizations/initiatives and businesses that endorse the mission and vision of TheNBSM model on campuses, where it is warranted, in lieu of NAACP student chapters that may present more difficult challenges to establish them.

Ultimately, we help facilitate student abilities to acquire and use political and economic resources to address systemic racism issues in local communities of which they are a part. One of the most unique aspects of our model is the strategic combination of veteran or elder advisors of the former Civil Rights Era with inspired student-led aspirations of current generations that are moving forward with solutions based initiatives to voter suppression, police brutality, economic challenges and all other issues that have a negative impact or disparity mostly toward people of color and the poor.

The model entails the following:

Student Government Association (SGA)

Under most SGA election structures, officers are elected for one term and the president could be a senior without any knowledge of civic engagement, which would have to be designed and implemented during that term. The suggestion is to modify SGA campus elections so that vice presidents are elected for two terms, automatically becoming president in the second term (This should be thought through more strategically so that potential scenarios of underclassmen office holders are ensured to be elected to the VP office). After having been educated in the first term by university staff, including the formal recognition of NAACP or other endorsing civil rights activist organizations/initiatives or businesses as a student-led, administrative-advised chapter; civic engagement would become a seamless process interacting with Civic Engagement and Advocacy Committee (CEAC) models both on and off-campus. If no CEAC models exist, then the SGA and advisors can work toward that end with others as a strategic process. Reiterating, one of the most influential models to establish and work with is the State, regional, and local NAACP, activist initiatives/organizations, and black businesses.

The second aspect of the TheNBSM is working with the SGA to recruit volunteers to commit to 8, 16, 24 hours or more per election cycle, of voter/civic engagement activities. Each eight-hour increment represents one, two, and three days, respectively.

HBCU Alumni
Coalitions can be re-created virtually everywhere. Experienced alumni leaders, along with students, will define, and strategically continue to do so, the civic engagement concept and guide its implementation. Mobilizing our members in cyberspace creates untold leverage in civic engagement and community organizing. Nationwide participation is especially important considering national voter suppression efforts leading up to the coming 2022 midterms. Alumni are perhaps the greatest single resource for students seeking instruction, guidance, and implementation.

Record volunteer time
Volunteers should record their own volunteer hours and submit them to their lead organization or SGA periodically.

Volunteer activities
This section will be developed on an ongoing basis. Many activities are engaged in preparation for most elections and campaigns and community issues.
TheNBSM is replicable and expansive to all HBCU institutions and is the next evolution of “A Call to Colors”, the successful voter registration, education, mobilization/get-out-the-vote initiative of Greater Diversity News. Visit this site for more information about TheNBSM and to become part of the movement. Our outreach includes generating the needed resources for more efficient and effective institutionalization.
All potential partners, donors, and media are encouraged to contact us.


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