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Resistance Is a Long Game – What Does Resistance Really Look Like?

The anonymous op-ed writer, who claims membership in the resistance, projects an expectation, or perhaps a hope, that he will be able to claim, after the political “wars” over Trump have ended, a position of admirable rectitude.

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Film “The Best of Enemies” – Taraji P. Henson Is Civil Rights Activist Ann Atwater from Durham, N.C.

Film centers on relationship between Ann Atwater (Henson), an outspoken civil rights activist, and C.P. Ellis (Rockwell), a local Ku Klux Klan leader reluctantly battling together for the desegregation of schools in Durham

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Community College Professors Fight Against Discrimination, Retaliation

At different times over the past five years, Frank J. Phillips, Marcia Pearl and Vincent Miles said they ran into a buzz saw of overt racism, prejudice, harassment and workplace hostility from primarily white superiors that led each of them to file suit in an effort to get redress.

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NNPA Leaders React to “Historic” Verdict in Laquan McDonald Case

The conviction of Jason Van Dyke could prove historic, but much more needs to be done to stem the tide of police shootings involving African Americans – Black citizens of Chicago are stunned that finally a Chicago policeman has been convicted of murder…

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“The Trial of the Century” From a Black Journalist’s View

“I couldn’t believe it was happening, but it was. A justice system that for decades was viewed as broken by thousands of Blacks and minorities had finally worked and convicted a Chicago police officer of killing a Black teenager.

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Irving ISD and Texas A&M Team to Offer Innovative Program – Free Dental Exams

… the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found the percentage of children and adolescents aged 5 to 19 years with untreated tooth decay is twice as high for those from low-income families (25 percent)

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Civic Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize.

Georgia Officials Order Black Seniors Off Bus Headed for Early Voting

“During this electoral season, we all should be committed to ensuring that more, not fewer, eligible voters can participate and exercise their fundamental right to vote,” wrote Leah Aden, the NAACP’s deputy director of litigation, in a letter to the county on Tuesday.

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AARP’s ‘Be the Difference. Vote.’ Stresses Importance of Voting in Midterms

Be the Difference. Vote.’ is a non-partisan campaign whose goal is mobilizing African Americans voters — and all voters 50 and older — to exercise your power and vote,” says Edna Kane-Williams, the senior vice president of Multicultural Leadership at AARP.

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REGISTER TODAY: North Carolina NAACP Voting Rights Webinar – October 18th

Action Alert – REGISTER TODAY:  North Carolina NAACP Voting Rights Webinar – The North Carolina NAACP invites you to register today for the Voting Rights Webinar, Thursday, October 18th, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Voter Protection Training Agenda…

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Results of Straw Poll for November 2018

The Eastern North Carolina Civic Group (ENCCCG) under the leadership of the Honorable Fred Yates, Mayor of Winfall, recently conducted a straw poll of candidates that will appear on the November 2018 ballot.  The poll of its membership yielded the following…

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Why You Should Vote “No” on All Six Amendments

GOP legislative leadership in the NC General Assembly know that the good people of North Carolina have had enough of their legislative double-dealing, and sinister attempts at voter oppression aimed at African-Americans, so they’ve come up with a plan.

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Voter Mobilization Now Focus of “A Call to Colors” Campaign- GDN Exclusive Part XXI

With voter registration in North Carolina now ended, voter mobilization – especially on historically black college and university (HBCU) campuses throughout the state – is now the top priority between now and Election Day…

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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Fails to Forgive

As of June 2018, more than 1.2 million student loan borrowers requested to be certified, with 890,000 ultimately certified eligible. 28,000 applied for loan forgiveness, thinking that they had met the 10- year payment and employment requirements.

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Tips For Overcoming ‘Hidden Growth Killers’ That Harm Your Business

A key part of any CEO’s or entrepreneur’s role is to make the “right” decisions, and then ensure they are enacted to advance the business. Yet their decisions and actions often miss the mark, frustrating the achievement of their aspirations.

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This Web Site Keeps Black Entrepreneurs Empowered and Inspired Like Never Before!

When Dante Lee, a 37-year old veteran entrepreneur, launched a few years ago, his goal was simple. He wanted to create a blog that would inspire Black entrepreneurs with relevant news, success stories, and valuable resources.

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Pharmacy Program Offers Career Insights to Underrepresented Minorities

Designed to engage underrepresented minority (URM) high school students interested in science/ technology/ engineering/ math or healthcare careers, PharmDamentals featured a panel discussion and question-and-answer session with three MUSC pharmacy alumni…

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How Black Couples Are Stopping The Money Argument

Serena Williams is shedding light on a topic few know anything about. It is a form of domestic abuse called financial abuse. Reports indicate 99% of domestic abuse cases involve some sort of financial abuse.

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Experts Say Legacy of Discriminatory Policies and Practices Fuel Racial Disparities In Home Ownership Rates

The study says Federal regulators have reinforced the negative impacts of decades of discrimination “through inadequate enforcement of anti-discrimination laws…

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Books of Knowledge

Education for the Masses.

‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’ Still Speaks to Nation’s Racial Discord, 50 Years Later

By Anne Moody
A rare exception is Anne Moody’s “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” which was published in 1968. It spoke to the day’s pressing issues – poverty, race and civil rights – with an urgent timeliness. Instead, 50 years later, the book still commands a wide readership.

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One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy

By Carol Anderson
From the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of White Rage, the startling–and timely–history of voter suppression in America, with a foreword by Senator Dick Durbin.

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Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America

By Patrick Phillips
Forsyth County, Georgia, at the turn of the twentieth century was home to a large African American community that included ministers and teachers, farmers and field hands, tradesmen, servants, and children.

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