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New Bill to Require Federal Agencies to Advertise with Black Press

A new Government Accountability Office report that concluded that, of the $5 billion spent on advertising by federal agencies over the past decade…

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College Student Hosts Prom Dress Drive

University of Memphis sophomore and freelance makeup artist Diamond Butler is hoping to provide 100 girls with the necessities they need for prom… To ease the financial burden for some girls, Butler is asking that the community donate…

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Founders of After Life Mortuary Services Breaking New Ground

It’s time out for fish fries, GoFundMe accounts and the embarrassing fundraisers that families have to do, in order to have the finances to bury a loved one.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tragedy That Launched the 1968 Sanitation Strike

They were just two men working a very crappy job to provide for their families. It was a garbage truck malfunction that took their lives and galvanized their peers to strike.

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Irving Students Take Flight to New Adventures

The industry is trying to grow, and it can’t grow because there are not enough people coming in the front door to match the people who are going out of the back door…

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At 88, Toni Morrison Personifies the Strength of Black Womanhood

Morrison personifies what it means to be a freedom-fighting author.  “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives…”

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NAACP Celebrates 110th Anniversary of Freedom Fighting

Had there been no May 17, 1954 (the day the Supreme Court ruled in Brown V. Board of Education), I’m not sure there would have been a Little Rock. I’m not sure there would have been a Martin Luther King Jr….

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Trump Keeps Government Open But Continues To Run a Scam

As the Democrats sound the alarm, and condemn the president for his decisions, President Trump is playing golf. The Trump reality is in real time, and the only response to his insanity is to resist…

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Black Millennials Embrace the Struggle and Message of Rapper 21 Savage

Although 21 Savage has lived in the U.S. for the past 14 years, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is attempting to expedite his deportation back to the United Kingdom.

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Civic Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize.

ACT NOW: It’s Time to Advocate for Voter-Friendly ID Rules!

The State Board of Elections must write guidelines to implement North Carolina’s new voter ID law through a public rule-making process.

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Chief Justice Beasley Maintains Importance of Civic Engagement – GDN Exclusive

If ever there were historic accomplishments of pride that North Carolinians could point to as undeniable progress, thanks to aggressive civic engagement and voter mobilization, look as recently as last November 2018.

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U.S. Senate Passes Legislation to Strengthen HBCUs

The legislation, which is supported by The United Negro College Fund and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is expected to pass the House of Representatives and could become law within a matter of weeks.

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Associate Justice Cheri Beasley Named New Chief Justice

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s decision Tuesday to elevate N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Cheri Beasley to chief justice led to rare public criticism from a Republican judicial colleague…

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Thurgood Marshall College Fund Statement of Support for “HBCU Partners Act” Legislation

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is proud to support the 'HBCU Propelling Agency Relationships Towards a New Era of Results for Students Act' (HBCU PARTNERS Act)…

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NAACP President Derrick Johnson And Donna Brazile Issue ‘State of Black America’ Address

What the president has done has opened up the eyes of so many people … This nation has still not dealt with race and its appeal to the lowest common dominator of us as a community.

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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” Creates Opportunity Zones to Spur Economic Development

Opportunity Zones have the potential to address many of the country’s most vexing economic problems, notes Tami Bonnell, CEO of EXIT Realty International.

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CFPB Makes Move to Support Payday Lenders During Black History Month

The federal agency with a designated mission to provide consumer financial protection took an about-face to protect predatory lenders instead of consumers on February 6…

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Entrepreneurs Create a Company That Provides Ultimate Convenience Traveling With Young Children

Enjoy the luxury of not having to pack an over-stuffed diaper bag or worry about leaving an essential child care item at home.

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Books of Knowledge

Education for the Masses.

The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

From one of America’s most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us, and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how best to act upon them, in her own life and across the life of our country.
By Kamala Harris

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Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing

By William Barber II, Liz Theoharis, Richard H. Lowery
The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II has been called “the closest person we have to Martin Luther King Jr. in our midst” (Cornel West) and “one of the most gifted organizers and orators in the country today”.

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“The Other America: Poverty In the United States”

By Michael Harrington
“The poor are not like everyone else. They are a different kind of people. They think and feel differently; they look upon a different American than the middle class looks upon. They, and not the quietly desperate clerk or the harried executive, are the main victims of this society’s tension and conflict.”

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