Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim Statements a “Dog Whistle to White Supremacists and Racists”

Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim Statements a “Dog Whistle to White Supremacists and Racists”

by December 11, 2015

Ebrahim Moosa, professor of Islamic Studies in the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School for Global Affairs, says…

“Donald Trump has clearly displayed his venom against all Muslims by declaring the global Muslim community guilty by association. He should be held responsible for the growing islamophobia in the USA. Placing a travel ban on Muslims to the US not only would be irresponsible but a mindless act with no security consequences.

It is not a measure that would prevent radical elements from sowing mayhem and terror. Mr Trump only profits from this by appealing to anti-Muslim sentiment among his base. He is a dangerous person in the current climate and should be held responsible for his speech. His anti-Muslim utterances are nothing more than a dog whistle to white supremacists and racists among his base to commit acts of violence against Muslims. He is also taunting the Muslim community in the US hoping that some crazed radical will make his day and commit irresponsible acts. Mr Trump is a dangerous provocateur who wants to stage his race to the White House by starting a religious war against Muslims as well as an ethnic war against Latinos.”

Author of “Islam and the Modern World” and “What is a Madrasa?” Moosa specializes in Islamic thought, with a focus on Islamic law, ethics, history and theology. He co-directs Contending Modernities, Notre Dame’s global research and education initiative examining the interaction among Catholic, Muslim and other religious and secular forces in the world.

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