Dr. Tony Evans’  Addresses the Faith Community’s Role in  Fighting Racial Injustice

Dr. Tony Evans’ Addresses the Faith Community’s Role in Fighting Racial Injustice

by June 10, 2020

DALLAS, June 10, 2020 – Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas and founder of The Urban Alternative ministry, is utilizing his platform as a Black faith leader to speak into the tragic murder of George Floyd, educate about the roots of racism, and compel the Christian community to take a stand where they have been silent. His recent true-to-its name video, “A Message From the Heart,” touches on these topics and has already inspired an audience of nearly 1 million.

“You know, we’re in a medical pandemic right now. Simultaneously, we’re in a cultural pandemic because we’re seeing the devolution of our society,” Evans said in a recent online video. “And we’re in a cultural pandemic because we’re in a spiritual pandemic. We have wandered away from a value system that was established by God for how human beings were to live and act and relate to one another. Across racial and class lines, we have come up with our own standards, and it has not done us good.”

Evans openly addresses the realities of racial injustice while providing action items for a path forward toward repentance, reconciliation and revival, speaking specifically into how individuals, family units, the Church and civil leaders can embody the righteousness and justice of God concerning racism through the following:

  • Focus on changing the individual heart before seeking to change the nation or polices;
  • Address racism within the family unit to set an example of acceptance to future generations and make a point to fellowship with families who look different;
  • Tackle inequity within the Church, taking responsibility for a history of wrongdoing and compelling Christians to take action; and
  • Challenge civil leaders at every level of authority to be agents of healing and not division.

“The church must speak with one voice because we have one God, one Lord Jesus Christ, and one inerrant Word to speak from,” said Evans. “And yes, we should protest evil in a righteous way. We should let our voices be heard, but then we must act because if we don’t act, all we did was have a speech. We must implement righteous principles, modeling it through the church, so it can see what it looks like in the broader society.”

To view Evans’ full “Message From the Heart,” visit https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=251503869610429

About Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans is the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. A well-established faith leader, he is the first African-American to publish a full-Bible Commentary and Study Bible. He is the author of several best-selling books, including “Kingdom Man,” “Oneness Embraced,” and “Praying Through the Names of God,” to name a few. To learn more, visit https://tonyevans.org/.

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