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Voter Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize

Michelle Obama Joins Voter Registration Drive for the Midterms

The Obamas have been relatively quiet since departing the White House in early 2017, but that is likely to change. The former president  and the former first lady’s launch of “When We All Vote” is likely to be only the first of several post White House efforts they will participate in.

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Citizenship Through the Eyes of Those Who Have Lost the Right to Vote

Restricting ex-felons from voting really says that, if you have committed a crime in the U.S., you can never be a full citizen again, even after serving punishment. That message suggests that they are always second- or third-class citizens.

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Smith College Incident Is Latest Case of Racial ‘Profiling by Proxy’

This incident did not happen in isolation. It is just the latest in a string of cases referred to as profiling by proxy – instances where police are summoned to a situation by a biased caller. We make this observation as researchers with a keen interest in how race comes into play during day-to-day interactions

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Ida B. Wells: How Grassroots Support and Social Media Made a Monumental Difference in Honoring Her Legacy

Growing up in the Windy City, I met people who had never heard of Wells, only recognized her name from a housing project that bore her name; or confused her with someone they thought invented the hot comb.

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Celebrations as Baltimore Set to Become First Major American City to Outlaw Water Privatization

Human rights advocates and union workers are celebrating as Baltimore is poised to become the first major American city to amend its charter to bar privatization of the public water system.

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New Scorecard Shows Only 12 House Democrats Have Fully Embraced Game-Changing Progressive Agenda

“To build an equal and just society in which every person can live a healthy life, Members of Congress must support bold progressive policies that address the public health and environmental crises that are ripping our country apart,” the groups declared.

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Still There: Black Power Behind Bars – The Arrest of Delbert Africa in August 1978

Jalil Muntaqim, 66, a former member of the Black Panthers and its underground Black Liberation Army,  has spent almost 47 years in prison for his part in the 1971 murders of two New York City police officers.

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Socialism on the Rise as Americans Seek Out Bold, Humane Alternatives to the Brutality of Capitalism

“Socialism is no longer a dirty word in the U.S.” The thousands of democratic socialists in the United States who have been

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Push For Federal Voter ID, Claiming You Need Identification Just to Buy Stuff at Stores

President Donald Trump used a rally in Florida on Tuesday night to spew fresh nonsense about the need for national Voter ID cards while bizarrely claiming that people need identification in the United States just to buy stuff at stores.

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