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Voter Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize

A New Decade, A New Politics, A New Economics – Institutionalizing Civic/Voter Engagement – GDN Exclusive

In the 2018 and 2020 midterm and general elections, the politics of deliberate and systematic voter suppression created an enormous

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Queens for a National Cause – (Elections 2020 in Review) – GDN Exclusive

Marching to the beat of their own drums at their own pace, HBCU students across the nation have prepared themselves

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New Economics for a New Generation of Constructive Collective Action – GDN Exclusive

There is an issue of great significance to African Americans historically created and maintained by Corporate America from the beginning

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The HBCU Call to Corporate America – GDN Exclusive

For more than 400 years, Black Americans have sought economic equity and political inclusion. Notwithstanding the fact that the pursuit

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HBCU Millennials Are Energized to Vote! Believing in Hope and the Possibility of Change

“HBCU students are ready to support whoever has their best interest at heart,” Marshall said. “As an HBCU alum—history shows that HBCU students have always been engaged when it comes to the political process. The difference is always with likable candidates.”

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18 Georgia NAACP Branches to ‘Party at the Polls’ in Pivotal State

ATLANTA – In one of the most unique get-out-the-vote efforts this year, 18 Georgia NAACP branches over 19 counties have

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Miss NCCU Launches Greater Diversity News HBCU Voting Outreach Research Project – “A Call to Colors” GDN Exclusive

To Imani Johnson, the Greater Diversity News (GDN) HBCU Voting Outreach Project is a way for students at historically Black

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I Have a Felony Conviction. Can I Vote? Voting Rights Projects

While many states have some restriction on felon voting rights, most states restore the right to vote to people after they complete their sentences. In fact, up to 17 millionAmericans with past convictions can vote right now…

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Voter Resurgence 2020: Absentee Voting – Start Your Voting Efforts Today!

You can start your 2020 voting efforts today! If you want to vote with maximum social distancing, Absentee Voting (AV)

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