Real Life Murder Gives Life to a Movie – “Under The Cherry Tree”

by January 21, 2013

“Under the Cherry Tree”, the DVD is available in Walmart stores nationwide. The novel is available on
Philadelphia, PA  — It’s been over 25 years, on Halloween since Cedric Mixon, the creator of the movie “Under the Cherry Tree”, father was shot 14 times and brutally murdered. Kobalt Books Entertainment, Maverick Entertainment Group and Walmart have teamed to launch a unique inspirational movie and novel, “Under the Cherry Tree”. This is a story of two brothers who take separate paths after losing their father, only to find themselves, 25 years later, positioned on that very corner where faith and reality collide.

Mixon, who is also writer, director and producer of the film, comments, “I remember the traumatic murder of my father on Halloween night of 1986 and having to pass the house where the shooter lived, everyday on my way to school. The sudden absence of a father left our family structure severely broken. There are many people living through extreme circumstances right now that we will never hear about. I just happen to be the voice that spoke. From there, ‘Under the Cherry Tree’ was born.”

In the movie, Kevin loses his job, marriage and the only other family that he knows. He finds himself in a lonely place where love can not be found and silence quickly replaces God’s voice. The movie courageously shows what happens when two boys grow up without a father, and then the ups and downs of a marriage when a wife simply loses faith in her husband as he loses faith in God and family at the same time.

“The faith perspective is often neglected in entertainment and in every inner city there’s a major family structure that is broken,” says Mixon. “This family tree that’s being attacked bears fruit that has lost its taste. Not only is a cherry tree expected to bear cherries, but they are expected to be sweet. It’s not enough to just have family, but the bond of the family must be as strong as a healthy tree that bears fruit in its season,” says Mixon. •

“Under the Cherry Tree” explores an inspirational aspect within a storyline that has never been told in quite this way.
“Close your eyes and imagine a man who has been knocked down by every external circumstance possible. Then imagine his wife who fights ghosts of the past and a brother whose demons are all internal. How can a family survive under these conditions? ‘Under the Cherry Tree’ is a story about just that. It’s about brothers learning to work together and about spouses learning to forgive, in order to be restored. Because in the end, they are the only family that they have.” says Mixon.
“Maverick is excited to work with Cedric Mixon, who like Tyler Perry, is a triple threat talent; writer, director and producer. His film and book, “Under the Cherry Tree” will serve an underserved niche in the inspirational category but also has broad appeal to all moviegoers in that it focuses on today’s family issues,” Doug Schwab, President and Founder of Maverick Entertainment Group noted.
“Under the Cherry Tree”, the DVD, will be available in Walmart stores nationwide on January 15th, 2013. The novel will be available on on the same day.
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ABOUT THE FILMKevin and his wife, Tonya, run a successful apartment building and share a wonderful life together. Tonya fights with ghosts of the past while Kevin’s brother, Redd, fights internal demons. Redd single-handedly destroys their future and their happiness when he accidentally sets the building on fire. Kevin races to find another source of income as the stress builds and ultimately causes him to turn away from the church. After losing it all, his job, his marriage and the only family that he knows, Kevin, finds himself in a lonely place where love can not be found and silence replaces God’s voice.
CJ’s Functional Fitness and L.A.’s Top Fitness Trainers Unite To Fight Obesity in 2013

Fitness Syndicate founder, Cleon “CJ” Joseph, CEO of CJ’s Functional Fitness
Los Angeles, CA (January 14, 2013) — On January 5, 2013, CJ’s Functional Fitness and the Fitness Syndicate, once again, waged war on obesity in Los Angeles with the start of the Fitness Syndicate vs. Obesity program. This 12-week program is designed to combat the epidemic of obesity in urban communities.
Some of the best fitness professionals in the L.A. area will have 12-weeks to get 14 lucky participants and 6 alternates from the L.A. community in their best shape at free of charge. The participants were selected from their letters, expressing their desire to better their health. Each Fitness Syndicate trainer will have one week with the contestants as a group.

The unique part of this program is that the contestants will experience various methods of fitness training and trainers weekly to keep them motivated throughout the process. Participants can also expect to work out in various environments and learn different styles of training from functional training, Zumba, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and athletic training.
The Fitness Syndicate trainers want the public to understand the real process behind weight loss. Cleon Joseph (CJ), CEO of CJ’s Functional Fitness and creator of The Fitness Syndicate vs. Obesity explains, “There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. Dedication, hard work and consistency are the only way to achieve optimal health. We will provide safe and realistic results in real time.”
Ultimately, The Fitness Syndicate is promoting a pure message to the Los Angeles community about life fitness and wellness. CJ adds, “I brought the best of the best to volunteer their time to motivate 14 people get fit. The intent for these chosen participants is to take their experience and encourage people in their community to follow their path to a healthier lifestyle. I call this a force a force multiplier for community wellness.”

The program began on January 5th and ends on April 5, 2013 and the program is already in it’s first week. The participants will celebrate their weight loss at Radio Free 102.3 KJLH’s Women’s Health Forum on April 27, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

CJ concludes, “I want this to grow nationwide in years to come. We could have trainers unite from every major city in America to run the same program. Each city could claim bragging rights to the most pounds lost. I believe this is a tangible and effective way to battle obesity.”

The Fitness Syndicate Vs. Obesity, “Push Through the Obstacle.” was established on March 6, 2010, when a group of Los Angeles trainers and coaches decided to join forces to combat obesity in Los Angeles. In 2010, fourteen well deserving people participated in the program and lost an average of 25 pounds over a 12-week period. The winner lost 30 lbs. This year, with the help of Radio Free 102.3 KJLH it will be even better.

For more information, contact CJ at 310-963-7728 or go to and click on Fitness Syndicate vs. Obesity Program to find out about the program and the trainers involved. Follow CJ on Twitter @CJfunctional or Facebook @Cjfunctional.

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