Are We Really “Woke?” Author Challenges Black Entrepreneurs to Examine What’s Holding Them Back

by December 13, 2017

“Woke” and “Stay Woke” are catch phrases that were coined in the Black community to indicate that we as Black people are keenly aware of what is going on in our communities that continued to keep us disenfranchised, impoverished and behind, especially in the areas of economics and our political infrastructure.

Get Up! Get Over It! And Get Going… Breaking Free from the Slave Mentality is a new e-book from Chicago Illinois native, Jacqueline Stokes. She is an author and screenwriter with a background in Health Care and the Arts.

In her e-book, she shares the harsh reality and exposes the truth as to why many Black people refuse to explore the possibility of entrepreneurship. This e-book will cause you to want to change course immediately and begin to examine and explore the possibility of being your own boss.

Jacqueline reveals that the root cause, which dates back to slavery, still has a strong effect on the mindset of many Black people today. A large majority of Black people refuse to let go of the mentality that has many of them on a vicious cycle of performing and working for an employer. An employer who, at any time, can decide that you, the employee, are no longer needed and terminate your employment.

There are a vast number of books for entrepreneurs. But nothing as factual as Get Up! Get Over It! And Get Going… Breaking Free from the Slave Mentality. If there was ever a time that people need to be encourage to explore alternative means for survival, during this era of what many call Trumpism, then this is the time to purchase this e-book. If you are contemplating taking the leap and breaking free from the corporate plantation to become an entrepreneur, then this e-book is a must read for you.

Jacqueline uses a “straight, no chaser” approach to uncovering the truths as to why Black people continue to work for someone else. This e-book will cause you to explore the many alternatives that is available to anyone who will dare to accept the challenge that a change in how they see themselves is necessary if they are serious about transitioning to entrepreneurship. According to Jacqueline, this can only be accomplished by changing your mindset and seeing yourself as worthy of being an entrepreneur and being the boss! Being an Entrepreneur can also guarantee anyone who dares, the security and assurance to living a stress-free life. The threat of being fired is finally over!

For less than $2, this e-book can be purchased at After you arrive on the website, simply type in Get Up! Get Over It! And Get Going… Breaking Free from the Slave Mentality in the search bar. You will then be directed to Jacqueline Stokes’ dashboard where you can complete your purchase.

Also, Jacqueline has created a campaign to encourage all future entrepreneurs by creating a t-shirt bearing the title of her e-book. This cotton tee can be purchased at Help support the cause for Black people changing their mindset and purchase your t-shirt today. Help spread the word. This t-shirt will be available for a limited time only.

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