10-Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Bully Fight Video Was Posted on Social Media

by December 6, 2017


Photo caption: Ashawnty Davis mother Latashia

Ashawnty Davis, a 10-year old girl from Aurora, Colorado, has reportedly committed suicide after a video of her fighting with a bully was posted on social media. Her parents say that she hung herself in a closet, and after being on life support for two weeks, she sadly died.

The fifth-grader apparently got into a fight with a bully at her elementary school. As they were fighting after school, a group of kids gathered around to watch and started to record the fight on their cell phones. One person posted the video on Musical.ly.

When Ashawnty learned that the video had been posted online, her father says she was devasted.

As her parents have been mourning the loss of their baby girl, others family members have been paying tribute to her on their Facebook pages.

Her mother told reporters, “I want other parents to know that it’s happening. That was my baby and I love my baby, and I just want mothers to listen.”

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