How Kathiana Dulcine Used a Traumatic Experience to Create an Educational Platform for the Black Community

by August 31, 2020

Meet Kathiana Dulcine, founder of the Coco Community Membership Program, designed to help Black people feel more comfortable discussing and learning about matters of intimacy

Providence, RI — “Knowing what must be done, does away with fear.” That’s the motivating mantra that was used by Rhode Island resident, Kathiana Dulcine, to create the new Coco Community membership program.

The Coco Community Membership Program provides a safe space for the Black community to discuss, express and learn about taboo topics on intimacy and relationships. The subject of intimacy has long been a taboo subject in the Black community owing to the tumultuous effects of slavery including the dehumanization and exploitation of the bodies of the ancestors for pleasure. However, being uncomfortable about matters of sensuality has consequences. It can impact the quality of relationships and prevent individuals from seeking resources to deal with mental health and healthcare concerns.The Coco Community Membership Program is on a mission to change this landscape and bring the black community to a place of confident conversations on intimacy and self-awareness. Creating a safe space to discuss intimacy is a passion for Dulcine, but this was not always the case. Sharing her motivation for creating the Coco Community Membership Program, Dulcine explained: “The comparison to other girls of different races was always a downhill battle for me as a kid. The need for acceptance and validation led to sexual assaults as a teenager and forcing myself into spaces and relationships that I didn’t belong in. As a Black woman, I felt as though there was nowhere for me to talk about my trauma, ask questions about my anatomy, or talk openly about intimacy. I created this program because I believe that confident conversations about intimacy is needed in our community. When you are not given a spot at the table, you have to create one for yourself and that’s exactly what I’ve done with Coco Community Membership Program.”

The Coco Community Membership Program offers two membership levels the basic at $9.99/mo and the All Access for $19.99/mo. The basic membership offers full content library access, email support, discounted eBooks, while the All-Access membership offers full library access, email support, up to 20% discount on eBooks, access to community discussion, demonstration videos, customized meal plans around erotic health and more. She even allows members to join risk-free by giving members a free 1-week trial.

For further information or to sign up for a membership, visit and follow the brand on Instagram @cococonvos_

For press inquiries, contact Kathiana Dulcine at

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