Common Anomaly: Business Basics and Fundamentals for Teens

by September 3, 2020

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In “Common Anomaly,” 16-year-old Evan White gives timely practical financial advice  
Evan White is a teen finance wizard. At the tender age seven, he began looking into all things business after earning his first dollar doing household chores. At age 10, he began watching Bloomberg TV and got interested in the stock market. A year later, he asked his father for a proxy online stock trading account and started investing. Now, at age 16, White teaches teens the basic and fundamental concepts about business construction and business finance in his newly published book, titled Common Anomaly. COMMON ANOMALY Business Basics and Fundamentals For Teens 

Today, with society’s thrust toward financial literacy, parents and educators are deeply interested in teaching children about personal finance and business early in the educational learning process and in the home. However, most books about basic finance and business are too complicated for most teens – many are written by adults, for adults. Hence, White felt the need to publish Common Anomaly with the goal to create a quick read to help teens better understand the basic and fundamental concepts about business and finance.

White asserts that “the business world is very dynamic today and welcoming to all business ideas; teens can be a part of that business growth.” He has proven that getting involved in business today is no longer an opportunity just for adults. Much younger entrepreneurs are interested in starting businesses and getting out there early, with crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Hence, his book addresses new crowdsourcing options for funding new businesses, as well as a general overview on starting businesses, managing general finances, interfacing with the stock market, and understanding new virtual currencies surfacing in the financial space.

With a financial book “written by a teen, for teens,” Common Anomaly makes the complex topics of finance, business and entrepreneurship just a little more comprehensible for young readers. This work introduces both teens and adults to a book that tries to tone down the financial jargons and explain general business and finance in simpler terms, thus, making it “feel” more acceptable as a teaching tool for young people in the digital age.

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About the Author

Evan White is a 16-year-old author who acquired his passion for business, business finance, accounting and investment banking at an early age. He is currently a junior in high school in South Jersey and for the past three years has been elected class treasurer. Other than being a student body officer, he is heavily involved in school activities such as DECA, Mock Trial Association and clubs. Over the past three years, he has attended a number of advanced and challenging business campuses at Columbia University, Vanderbilt University and Rutgers University BizED, which host these opportunities for entrepreneuring youth interested in business. He plans to graduate high school and attend one of the top business schools with a focus in investment banking and finance.

COMMON ANOMALY Business Basics and Fundamentals For Teens 

Trade Paperback; ISBN; 978-1-4931-2025-3

e-book; ISBN; 978-1-4931-2026-0

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