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Tucked into the southeast corner of North Carolina, known as the Coastal Plains, is beautiful Sampson County, which is bordered on the east by 300 miles of beaches and in the west the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountain ranges. The County is rich in recreational activities like fishing, boating, and sports in a lush, green, and picturesque setting.

Get to know Sampson County…the largest county in North Carolina. The people, the land, the heritage ….all will intrigue you! Our website is chocked full of local businesses that are excited to welcome you to the county to EAT HERE, STAY HERE, PLAY HERE and SHOP HERE.

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The county seat is the largest of the eight communities and is near the geographical center of the county.  Incorporated in 1852, the town was named for Brigadier General Richard Clinton who served honorably in the American Revolution and as an elected official at the state level. Clinton is governed by a Mayor and a five-member City Council.  Since Clinton is centrally located, it developed as the major agricultural marketing center.

City of Clinton
221 Lisbon St.
Clinton, NC  28329
(910) 592-1961



Incorporated in 1891, Autryville was founded by Captain James L. Autry who was instrumental in the location of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Regional Railroad through the town. Autryville is home to Micajah Autry, a Sampson County resident who fought in the Battle of Alamo along with Davy Crockett.

Town of Autryville

305 South Gray St.

Autryville, NC  28318

(910) 525-4567



The town of Garland was incorporated on February 8, 1907 and is located about seventeen miles south of Clinton on Highway 701.  The town is governed by a Mayor, Commissioners, a Town Clerk and a Deputy Clerk.

Town of Garland

190 South Church St.

Garland, NC  28441

(910) 529-4141



The Town of Harrells was first incorporated in 1943 as Harrells Store.  In 1952 the Post Office changed its name to Harrells Post Office, and 1955 the town reincorporated as the Town of Harrells.  Located at the southern end of the county, the community surrounding Harrells is largely agricultural.  It is govern by a Mayor-Council form of government and  home to Harrells Christian Academy, a large private school.

Town of Harrells

373 Tomahawk Highway

Harrells, NC  28444

(910) 532-4040



The town of Newton Grove, located at the northern end of Sampson County, was first incorporated in 1879 and again in 1935.  A Mayor and five commissioners comprise the government of Newton Grove.

Bentonville Battlefield, a North Carolina State Historic Site, is located approximately five miles outside Newton Grove in Johnston County.  This Civil War site is the largest in North Carolina and hosts several events each year.

Newton Grove
304 W. Weeksdale St.
Newton Grove, NC  28366
(910) 594-0827



The Town of Roseboro, located in the central western portion of the county, was incorporated in 1891 and was named after John M. Rose, the secretary of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Regional Railroad.  Roseboro is governed by a Mayor and Town Commissioners.

Town of Roseboro

101 W. Pleasant St.

Roseboro, NC  28382

(910) 525-4121



The Town of Salemburg is the home of the North Carolina Justice Academy. The Academy provides training for all law enforcement officers. Another attraction in the Town of Salemburg, is the Salemburg Grill. You can ask anyone in town and they will tell you, if you want a “GREAT” burger, be sure and visit the Salemburg Grill.

Town of Salemburg
P. O. Box 190
100 Methodist Dr.
Salemburg, NC  28385
(910) 525-5650


Sitting on the east side of Sampson County, just before entering Duplin County, is the quaint village of Turkey.  The Turkey Township was named for Turkey Creek, so called because of the large number of turkeys in the region during Colonial times.

Incorporated in 1913, Turkey is the home of several farm related industries.  It is governed by a Mayor-Town Commissioners form of government.

Town of Turkey

51 Market St.

Turkey, NC  28393

(910) 592-7273

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