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by March 12, 2012

Business owner’s question: Our website is a plumbers website. The account has already been set up by Google and I am looking for someone to manage the account. The campaigns need tweaking and we are trying to get on the first page of Google and keep it there. Could you tell me how many hours a month you would need to manage the account ? Would we get monthly reports of the performance of our Adwords account. Is their any guarantees and assurances you can give us? 

Greater Diversity Tech News’ Expert Advice

A reputable Web services company can give you some solid numbers for organic ranking, prepare a strategy to improve ranking, and certainly provide reports with lots of data to help refine your site and understand your visitors’ behavior. Using Google Analytics – a free visitor tracking service – should be included as part of any AdWords campaign. However, because no one really knows how Google ranks site listings, a guarantee would not be honest for organic/nonpaid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking on page one. Any company that guarantees page ranking is not being honest.  There are several tricks of the trade that can increase quality points of your site and get you high ranking for free, but competition can make that difficult and the strategies have to be legitimate – no sneaky tricks ever work long.  Google will kick you out of the system if they suspect false content or the like.  Alternatively, AdWords is a paid service. Your page placement is based on the amount you area willing to pay for the spot. If you pay more than your competition then you will get top billing.  Your AdWords budget and the number of others competing for your top page one spot will determine what page you are on. No guess work there. We can tell quickly if your expense is getting you some return with the reports. And if potential clients are abandoning your site after clicking the ad. All vital to making the AdWords campaign profitable.

A reputable Web services company would also need to review your site to be sure it is converting visits into clients – no Adwords campaign can do that for you. You must have a solid website that inspires confidence. It’s a comprehensive marketing strategy, and should not be done without considering all of these factors or your money could be wasted. ROI on AdWords is key to justifying the expense. There are many reports available to determine how much revenue comes from the campaign, and these could be generated at anytime. I recommend weekly reports – not monthly. Most web services packages for managing all aspects of this type of campaign tracking would be a monthly flat fee around $225, with possible discounts for general site updates and maintenance, which you should ask for to help offset expenses that will  be required as data indicates weaknesses in your site development and design. Google ranking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a plan that must be carefully managed over a at least a three month period to see solid returns. There are no magic bullets.

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