International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters

by March 6, 2010

IABPFFThe IABPFF is an unincorporated membership organization created as a liaison between our Brothers and Sisters across the nation to collect and evaluate data on all deleterious conditions incumbent in all areas where minorities exist, to compile information concerning the injustices that exist in the working conditions in the Fire Service, and implement action to correct them. Visit

To promote interracial progress throughout the Fire Service, and to see that competent Blacks are recruited and employed as fire fighters, wherever they reside, and to aid in motivating our Brothers and Sisters to seek advancement to elevated ranks throughout the Fire Service.

Programs at the national level include the following:

  • Smoke Detector Drives—distributes smoke detectors to families in high-risk neighborhoods to help reduce fire-related injuries and deaths.
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Program—this intervention program teaches adolescents about the consequences of fire play and raises parents’ awareness of their role to keep children away from matches and lighters.
  • Public Safety Day—distributes child safety seats and bike helmets as an attempt to reduce injury and death through car and bicycle accidents.
  • Change your Clock Change your Battery—supports local fire departments in providing information to the Hispanic communities.
  • The Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes—working to save lives and prevent injuries and devastation from cigarette-ignited fires.
  • “Disaster Preparedness for Community Awareness” Workshops.
  • Campus Fire Safety; Babies and Toddlers; Smoking and Home Fires Campaign with the US Fire Administration.

    IABPFF Objectives:

  • Fire and Life Safety Education—The IABPFF will endeavor to improve the quality of fire protection afforded the communities and regions throughout the nation by developing and conducting fire prevention and safety programs that educate and reduce the loss of life and property with special emphasis on serving African American and other minorities.
  • Recruitment, Retention and Advancement—It is the IABPFF purpose to develop and implement a national recognized standardized performance program to recruit, retain and advance, prospective first responders (firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics). This is a national security issue and should be a priority for DHS.
  • Building Coalitions and Strategic Partnerships—The IABPFF is committed to the establishment of coalitions and strategic partnerships with other national fire and emergency service organizations through mutual contacts promoting respect and understanding; identifying those goals and objectives common to those organizations, and to encourage the development of a mutual accepted action plan.
  • Legislative Advocacy—the IABPFF will continue to expand its political and legislative course of action with regard to collective efforts on common principles or issues and safety of the community.


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